New online resource for differentiation developed by school board in Québec

La Commission Scolaire des Affluents has a new online resource called “la différenciation pédagogique,” available in French. This resource provides comprehensive information in four sections that explores: information and research in the area of differentiated instruction; examples of specific content, structures and products that can be differentiated within the scope of the Québec Education Program; […]

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Planning for Differentiation: Practical Classroom Tools, Part One

Welcome to a series on practical classroom tools for differentiation. The goal of this series is to highlight several tools identified by authors, researchers, and teachers that can assist in differentiating the curriculum for students with special needs. Today’s post features tiering, a differentiated instructional strategy that allows teachers to respond to many different learning […]

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ALDI framework for assistive technology selection and implementation

This school year, many of our boards have been working intensively in the area of assistive technology integration and implementation. A focus for implementation of assistive technology (AT) tools have ranged from interactive whiteboard and mobile device integration, to large scale use of specialized software for students with special needs. Good implementation and selection practices […]