The Multi-Faceted Role of the Resource Teacher


Date: September 22, 2014

Time: 3:30 – 4:30 pm EDT


 When working with students with special needs, the resource teacher can be a key link between the student with special needs, classroom practices and school environment.

During the fall of 2013 a survey was distributed to resource teachers within the English School Boards asking about the tasks they perform.  The results of this survey provide invaluable insight into the role of the Resource Teacher and acts as a springboard for a conversation about the role of resource support in the delivery of special education within your school.

This webinar is best suited for those who work with students with special needs.

  • Resource teachers will benefit from hearing about what the results of the research show about tasks performed.
  • Classroom teachers will benefit from hearing about what models of classroom/resource collaboration best support students with special needs.
  • Administrators will benefit from hearing about the importance of the implementation of a focused special education delivery model and the role that the resource teacher could have within this.

Please join me to learn what resource teachers in our province had to say about their roles and about ways in which that knowledge can best support you, your classroom and your school in relation to supporting student with special needs!

Presenter: Tara Wheeler
Tara has worked with students with behavioural, intellectual and physical disabilities for 16 years. She has been a Resource Teacher, Special Education Consultant and is now the Project Development Officer for the Work-Oriented Training Path. She has a Masters in Educational Leadership and so is interested in both special education and educational leadership.

Style of Event: webcast

Target Audience: Support Teachers, Administrators, Classroom Teachers (elementary and secondary)

Maximum 30 participants

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Susan has over 20 years experience in the classroom at the elementary level, first as a homeroom teacher and later as an ICT teacher. She has presented sessions and workshops at a number of conferences, both in Canada and the U.S. Her work with LEARN is directed towards providing materials for teachers and consultants to help with powerful ways of using technology to improve communication and learning. She wrote her first blog post in 2005.
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