Understanding Brain Functioning and How it Applies in the Classroom

 webeventlogoDate: November 24, 2015

Time: 3:30 pm EST


Presented by ALDI and LEARN

This workshop will review three key aspects of learning. First, we will identify which brain networks are involved in learning. In part, we will review brain plasticity and the role of emotions in learning. We will then discuss what can be done within the classroom environment to enhance activation of these networks? Focus will be placed on motivation and cognition. A link will be made with the recognition networks of UDL. Lastly we will discuss factors that can hinder learning such as mindset, anxiety and attention. Here we will also make any relevant connections to affective networks of UDL. The goal of this workshop is to provide teachers with relevant neuroscience information to help create a classroom environment that is conducive to learning and the brain.

Presenter: Cindy Hovington

Cindy is the founder of Curious Neuron, a program that provides people with the necessary skills and knowledge related to the brain. They create customized private sessions for children, students and seniors as well as workshops for students, teachers and parents. Cindy obtained her PhD in neuroscience from McGill University. Her thesis focused on the emotional and cognitive difficulties experienced by patients with schizophrenia. She is currently pursuing her postdoctoral research in education where she is studying the impact of neuroscience outreach in K-12 science classrooms. Her main passion is the brain, but she is also interested in taking relevant information from neuroscience and figuring out how to best apply this in the classroom.

Target Audience: all levels

Maximum 30 participants

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About Susan van Gelder

Susan has over 20 years experience in the classroom at the elementary level, first as a homeroom teacher and later as an ICT teacher. She has presented sessions and workshops at a number of conferences, both in Canada and the U.S. Her work with LEARN is directed towards providing materials for teachers and consultants to help with powerful ways of using technology to improve communication and learning. She wrote her first blog post in 2005.
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