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Louise Adam and Rosemary Hill

A Little Tweak Here, a Little Tweak There

Beaconsfield High School teachers Rosemary Hill and Louise Adam are taking part in the pilot project of 27 schools that are sharing strategies for introducing compulsory GOAL content into the curriculum. Their enthusiasm is all the more appealing because their feet are planted firmly on the classroom floor.

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Trades in motion Mary Gardner construction trades DSCF1248-caroussel

Keep Calm and Make Good Career Choices!

Next fall—from Elementary Cycle Three on—Québec schools will introduce 5 to 10 hours of compulsory GOAL content. To pave the way, 28 pilot schools are now sharing strategies for integrating this content naturally into the curriculum. Teachers at Cedar Street and Mary Gardner Schools explain why they chose to be involved.

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Making Dreams Come True

Compulsory Academic and Career Guidance Content on its Way

Starting this fall, 28 Québec schools will systematically apply the Guidance-Oriented Approach to Learning to raise students’ awareness of their academic and career options. It’s part of the broader effort to lower the dropout rate by making school more relevant. Following this pilot project, the MELS will require all schools to integrate academic and career […]

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GOAL can be as simple or as complex as you wish

Applying the guidance-oriented approach to learning can involve hands-on projects that students love (but require time to plan and carry out.) Or it can be as simple as telling students, “Do you realize that plumbers (or vets or airline pilots . . . ) couldn’t do their jobs if they didn’t know what we just learned?” Ask yourself these five questions […]

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Where GOAL Fits in the QEP

Look no further than the Broad Areas of Learning (BAL) to grasp how GOAL is implicit in the Québec Education Program (QEP). These five interdisciplinary areas “favour the integration of the learnings in various subjects” (Pre-school and Elementary); “encourage students to make connections between what they learn at school, their everyday lives and social realities” […]

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