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“The ACGCs in the GOAL Post”

Introduction to the Academic and Career Guidance Content (ACGC) “Clickable Table”
The GOAL Post has been publishing articles to aid in the implementation of GOAL since 2004. Although the older articles were written in a different context, they are relevant today in the 2017 – 2018 implementation stage.

The articles were written without the benefit of the table of 44 ACGCs as it stands today, nor did we have the “Expected Student Learning Outcomes” (Outcomes) at our finger tips. Yet, virtually every article could illustrate multiple ACGCs and Outcomes.

As this table is a work in progress, please contact us if you notice errors, or if you have a suggestion for a more appropriate match between an article and the ACGC/Outcome. Or, do you have an article, or an idea for an article?

Tags on online articles published since 2013
Articles published online since March 2013 have tags at the end, which can be used to search for related articles. The tag “Diversity” for example refers to diverse learning styles; the EN Course tag is the Career Development credit course on Entrepreneurship, while the Entrepreneurship (often abbreviated as ENT) tag includes all articles related to entrepreneurship in general. Again, at the end of an article, just click the tag to get a list of related articles.

From Table to Article: click the ACGC in the table to go to a list of illustrative articles.

*EC3 (Compulsory in 2017-18) Sec One (Piloted 2015-2017)
(I, II)
Sec Two Beginning (Piloted 2015-2017)
Sec Two End (Piloted 2015-2017)
(IV, V)
Interests and aptitudes* 7 Sense of self-efficacy (SSE) 

8 Academic subjects and development of personal skills

9 Areas of interest and non-interest 

21 Personal profile: draft 

22 Meaningful experiences and their effects on the self

23 Career aspirations and the education system 

33 Personal profile: summary 

34 Personal profile: as component of a career plan 


2 Social influences

10 Social roles: observation

11 Occupations of people he/she knows and connections to personal interests 

12 Self-perception and feedback

24 Social roles: experimentation

25 Tentative choice of a sector of professional activity


35 Career plan: validation



3 His/her role and responsibilities as a student and work methods 

4 Strengths in the process of transition

13 Learning profile: analysis

14 Academic success: personal strengths 

15 Academic strengths in the process of transition to Cycle Two

26 Academic performance: analysis

27 Career plan: initial draft

36 Life plan (personal, career, role as a citizen)

Knowledge of the World of School

5 Characteristics of a secondary school 

16 Québec education system: paths to certification 

17 Preparation for academic choices in Secondary Cycle Two: links with interests and aptitudes 

28 Criteria for earning a secondary school diploma, prerequisites for continuation of studies and training 

29 Impact of choices on the student’s educational path  

37 Continuation of studies: possibilities 

38 Continuation of studies: decision-making 

39 Review of performance in secondary school and objectives for the following year

40 Preparation for the transition

Knowledge of the World of Work

6 Occupations of people he/she knows 

18 Sectors of professional activity and fields of interest

19 Working conditions: introduction to non-traditional occupations and to work in remote regions

20 Favourite school subjects and links with the world of work 

30 Extracurricular exploration of trades and professions 

31 Working conditions: in-depth study and links with self

32 Occupational preferences and personal profile

41 Academic and career choices: possibilities 

42 World of work: legal and regulatory frameworks

43 Job search process 

44 Personal perceptions and the reality of the world of work