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Learning and Evaluation Situations created with the QEP in mind by educators who presented them at the Spotlight on the Arts.

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Visual Arts

Journal Junkies
Secondary all levels
PDF – LES_Journal_Fodder_Junkies
Students actively engage in the discovery of their identity as artists and explore an ongoing artistic creation process via a visual journal.
Authors: Melissa-Ann Ledo, Eric Scott, Scott Molder


What’s in a Song?
Secondary Cycle 1 (but is easily adapted to older students)

This LES is an introduction to composition in the music classroom. It is assumed that students have some prior knowledge of and experience with musical creation and writing conventions – however, the activity allows for differentiated learning, should the need arise.
Author: Lynn Harper


TANZ in 3D
Secondary all levels
PDF – LES_dance_pina3d
Inspired by the movie PINA 3D, this LES explores the work of Pina Bausch in the dance classroom.  You will discover how to work with repetitive movement, hand gestures, spacing and the use of props & costumes to create a dance in the style of this great German choreographer. Using the music from the film… Tanztheater forever, this will be the motto for the class, the term or guiding words for your dance recital!
Author: Martin Labrie


Movement in a collective ensemble
Elementary Cycle 3 (grades 5-6)
PDF – LES_drama_en
An LES with the main goal of creating and presenting a silent theatrical choreography based on an improvisation inspired by a musical piece.
Author: Nicolas Doyon