ALDI Update-October 2020

ALDI Update-October 2020

Thank you to all involved in keeping the schools open for our students.



The goal of this blog post is to keep you informed of the current ALDI initiatives. This issue is divided into four parts. 

1-Professional Development Opportunity

2-New Additions to the ALDI Website

3-Survey Results & Current ALDI Initiatives

4-Opportunity to Collaborate!


1-Professional Development Opportunity:


Café Chats: Like a book club, but with videos! 

Great news! I just found a webinar series by The Reading League. This series is an excellent resource to be used in a Zoom Café Chat format. I am excited to experiment with a flipped professional development model and to virtually discuss takeaways and strategies! The webinars are free, vary from 18-53 minutes in length, and can be listened to during exercise! They each focus on one aspect of reading instruction. This club is open to remedial and supporting teachers (or anyone else interested in learning alongside us!) See you soon! Don’t forget your coffee!

Continue to the survey for details and to sign up. 


2-New Additions to the ALDI website

New in the Assistive Technology Section: 


Seeing AI 

Seeing AI is a free app that can be used for students that are visually impaired. This app is simple to use and has four main features. The features are explained through short video tutorials. This app can read short text in typed font, can read a typed document by taking a photo of it, can read a barcode of a product and identify it, and can recognize and describe people around you by using the phone camera (age and emotions). 

Within a few minutes, I downloaded the app from the App Store and could see a multitude of possibilities for students with, or without, visual impairments. 

New in the Covid-19 Resources Section: 


Distance Learning Lesson Plans 

2 Lesson Plan suggestions: 

  • Oral reading fluency video (using a video conference unit and screen sharing) 
  • Supporting elementary online reading 
New in the Literacy Section: 
  • Teaching Reading is Rocket Science, 2020
    This research article by Louisa Moats highlights current evidence-based teaching and assessment practices in reading. 
  • Phonics Faux Pas
    If you are interested in phonics instruction, this short article outlines seven misconceptions about phonics instruction that are specific to early reading. 
New in the Specific Learning Needs Section:  LD at school 

This Canadian site contains a wealth of knowledge on various learning disabilities. The learning modules are of particular interest when looking to explore a specific topic. Learning module topics include Helping Students with LDs Navigate Secondary School, Fostering Advocacy for Students with LDs, An Introduction to Learning Disabilities in the Classroom, Technology for All, An In-Depth look at Executive Functions, and more. 





3. Survey Results & Current ALDI Initiatives

To to view a sample of the survey results and the current ALDI initiative use this link: Survey_ALDI Initiatives








4-Opportunity to Collaborate!

The creation of a Remedial/Supporting Teacher Handbook for the province is underway. The work of establishing a general outline has already been done. (This is a time-saver for you!) If you were considering the creation of a handbook for your school board, this is an invitation to collaborate on the common aspects. The bonus is that our respective handbooks will align with a common language but respect your school board policies. Send me an email to discuss the details!


For all inquiries, to collaborate, or to plan professional development at your school board contact: 

Heather Scott
Advancing Learning in Differentiation and Inclusion (ALDI) Project Coordinator
Avancement du savoir en enseignement différencié et en inclusion 
Coordonnatrice du projet ALDI 

ALDI is part of the Inclusive Educational Services (IES) team. Click the link to see our partners, services offered, and the new IES website.