COVID-19 Resources

This sections contains pertinent information to aid in problem-solving during the pandemic.

Centre of Excellence for Behaviour Management resources:

LEAD-PLAY-LEARN TOGETHER: Supporting students in the time of pandemic


  • This handout includes 8 guiding principles and activities to support teachers and students as they navigate a new reality at school. *Prior to implementing an activity, please make sure that the selected activities meet your school board’s social distancing guidelines.
    • Set up your environment in order to help guide acceptable behaviour
    • Use play and playful activities to guide and change behaviour
    • Make repetitive activities fun using songs and chants
    • Establish and practice routines
    • Put academics into perspective
    • Maximize attachment
    • Have a plan for challenging behaviours
    • Encourage emotional expression that is safe for all

Centre of Excellence for Mental Health resources:

A student’s guide to managing stress during difficult times.


  • This handout contains practical tips and links to more information on how to manage stress.

Distance Learning Lesson Plans

Oral Reading Fluency Assessment Watch video 

  • This 2-minute video demonstrates how to use a video conferencing unit to assess oral reading fluency from a distance. By sharing your screen, you can show the student the passage that you wish to assess. Before starting, ensure that the font is clear for the student and that the student knows where to start reading on the page. Hover your cursor over the first word of the assessment until the student confirms that they know where to start. Ensure that your material is prepared to score the assessment. This individual conference is done with a secondary cycle one, year one student. It is always best to perform assessments in person, but when necessary, this provides a distance learning option.

Supporting Elementary On-line Reading Download

  • This lesson plan framework includes suggested whole-group, small-group and individual support to elementary students in reading. These lesson plans can be divided between the classroom and resource teacher in an attempt to meet the needs of all students in the class in case of distance learning. Video support for parts of this lesson are in construction.


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This site contains updated articles on distance learning and various articles on looking ahead to September 2020.


Guidelines for Return to School

  • The handouts below are from a series called Guidelines for Return to School. They are supplied by the Centre of Excellence for Mental Health. These 4 posters contain strategies on how to support one another during school opening.