COVID-19 Resources

This sections contains pertinent information to aid in problem-solving during the pandemic.

Centre of Excellence for Behaviour Management resources:

LEAD-PLAY-LEARN TOGETHER: Supporting students in the time of pandemic


  • This handout includes 8 guiding principles and activities to support teachers and students as they navigate a new reality at school. *Prior to implementing an activity, please make sure that the selected activities meet your school board’s social distancing guidelines.
    • Set up your environment in order to help guide acceptable behaviour
    • Use play and playful activities to guide and change behaviour
    • Make repetitive activities fun using songs and chants
    • Establish and practice routines
    • Put academics into perspective
    • Maximize attachment
    • Have a plan for challenging behaviours
    • Encourage emotional expression that is safe for all

Centre of Excellence for Mental Health resources:

A student’s guide to managing stress during difficult times.


  • This handout contains practical tips and links to more information on how to manage stress.

Guidelines for Return to School

  • The handouts below are from a series called Guidelines for Return to School. They are supplied by the Centre of Excellence for Mental Health. These 4 posters contain strategies on how to support one another during school opening.



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