A Few Days of Travel in Zambia

By Xiaoting Sun (Bishop’s)

Elephant in Zambia

Elephant in Zambia

Today was the third day since we arrived in Zambia. Every day we got up at 5:30. It is early but I do not even feel tired, because I was curious about everything in here where the environment has not been changed a lot by humans. There are all kinds of wild animals, such as: elephants, hippos, giraffes and lot of birds which I did not know the names. They have different colors of feathers such as; blue, shining red, orange, and white. You cannot imagine how beautiful they are. In the afternoon, we did a safari in a big, open car. We saw elephants. I never thought I could see a wild animal like this at such a close distance, just two or three meters from us. At that moment I was so excited and nervous. I was excited because I was finally able to see elephants not at the zoo, nervous because I was worried that the elephants would assault us. Victoria, who is the owner of this camp said if we follow the nature’s rule, those animals will not hurt us. Yes, the rule in Zambia is so important. You know the rule, you can play the game, and otherwise, you definitely lose. When our car was close to the elephants, all of us were quiet quickly, because our voices would scare them. In the afternoon around five, we were sitting on the bank with the moaning of hippos, and a bottle of Savanna. Enjoying the sunset, seeing the color of sky turn orange and red slowly. This moment was the best time in my whole day, also the moment that let me feel so close to nature, like a silent communication with nature, making me feel so peaceful and calm all the way from deep inside.

This afternoon, we watched a show which was performed by local singers and dancers. They displayed graceful rhythm and enthusiastic dancing. Even though, they did not have professional dancing performance clothes and only wore simple decoration, but in following the dancing those simple clothes look so special and unique. One of the songs was about the appeal to humans to protect animals and the forest, not to hurt them or take part in excessive deforestation. That let me realize they were the real protectors of nature.

Unexpectedly, the people of Zambia all have a very strong sense of environmental protection. Victoria said, that in the past few years, the number of elephants is reducing by a ten percentage rate with every year. The reason is that people are hunting and if it doesn’t stop then within ten years the elephant will be extinct, which will also impact other species. The same the situation is happening with the lion as a spectacular number of lions is declining. I thought we could see the king of animals –lion, but we did not. That made me feel a little bit of regret. But maybe this little bit of regret will make this safari become more unforgettable and impressive.

This safari gave me a chance to be close to nature and see the original appearance of nature. I learned a lot from this safari. It also made me think more about who we really are. Animals are our friends and they need protection from people. Stop hunting animals, please! They also have a family, and also need love; this love from each of us. This world not only belongs to people, but it also belongs to those adorable animals.

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