Sunny Sunday

By Annabelle Lafrechoux

On this first Sunday in Malawi, a fraction of our group chose to attend a mass at a nearby Church. The ceremony was strongly based on song. As a matter of fact, a variety of choirs from the surrounding area took turns singing. It was impressive to see the passion and talent of these various groups. The harmony was remarkable and the projection was imposing. Even though I couldn’t understand the lyrics since they were in Chichewa, I felt a definite emotional response to them. It was a refreshing experience. Even if I am not a particularly religious person, taking the time to reach into one’s spirituality is always enjoyable. In the least, it provokes reflection.

Later in the day, we ended up walking to the site for the future school. It was really inspiring to see what the future could bring. It really gave me a renewed motivation for our project. It was said later in the day that in reaction to the difficult life style of the people of the village we might feel that the project was too abstract and would seem futile. But seeing this site really made me feel optimistic about the nature of our project. The school will be as concrete as possible and we will be creating the heart of it along with the people of Malawi.

Overall, this Sunday was enjoyable and inspiring. I hope yours was as well.

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