Like Any Other Wednesday

By Annabelle Lafrechoux

My new alarm clock

My new alarm clock

This Wednesday started out like any other day….not really.

I have now spent a whole week in Malawi and I am stunned to see how fast my sense of normality has evolved. This is now my new typical day:

–          Getting awakened by the crowing of the roosters of the village somewhere around 5:30 am.

–          Feeling lazy for staying in bed until 6:30 am.

–          Finally getting out of my bed which means getting out of the mosquito net which I must make sure is well sealed so that no unknown creature creeps in during the day.

–          Going to the bathroom and starting by doing a round check for Flat Stanley spiders.

–          Eating homemade doughnuts for breakfast.

–          Setting out at around 8:00 am and walking around, visiting and interviewing people related to our project until 12:00 pm.

–          Eating lunch which usually consists of rice, beans and some sort of greens.

–          In the afternoon we work as a group on curriculum development.

–          After our working sessions, fatigue soon follows me.

–          Motivating myself to go out and be part of the community.

–          Usually ending up playing with the numerous children who always hang around the hostel.

–          Getting used to responding to the name Hannah Montana. As a matter of fact my name is too difficult for most to understand or say so I have chosen to go by Anna. It ends up that the children have heard of Hannah Montana so they have decided to call me by that name. It has reached the point where even the adults are calling me by this name.

–          Starved, supper which is usually rice, beans, some meat and some greens.

–          Try to get some personal work done such as journaling and blogging.

–          By 7:30 pm I am getting sleepy and abandon my work to join the others in the sofa area where we always share good laughs.

–          Finally decide to go to bed when I feel that it is a reasonable hour to do so (somewhere around 8:30 – 9:30 pm)

–          Brush my teeth outside while stare gazing. The stars in Makupo are amazing, we can see so many more stars than we do in Canada.

–          Inspection of the bed to make sure nothing crept in it during the day.

–          Enjoy some reading before finally sleeping.

On our daily journey

On our daily journey

I simply wanted to share with you our typical days in Makupo village. It is amazing to see how fast we have adapted as a group to our new surroundings.

1 thought on “Like Any Other Wednesday

  1. Susan van Gelder

    Thanks for giving a glimpse of a typical day. It sounds like you are used to the rhythm of the place. Interesting how far American pop culture travels.


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