Food for Thought

By Rita Morley (St. FX)

Food prep in Makupo

Food prep in Makupo

I think I may have just arrived back from one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Our Praxis Malawi group has just returned after having gone on an excursion to Livingstonia which is a settlement at the top of a mountain in the northern part of Malawi. After trekking up the windy and treacherous mountain road, we were rewarded with the luxury of viewing Lake Malawi and the surrounding mountainsides from Lukwe Lodge. There, we found an ecologically sustainable, hand-crafted place to stay in an incredibly peaceful and serene pocket of the mountains. Nevertheless, even as I found myself in this relaxing and refreshing change of scenery, I couldn’t help but find myself feeling thoughts weigh heavily on my mind. The guilt which comes along with the experience of going from a rather humble existence in Makupo to the treat of a touristy type of destination rested uneasily with me (as I’m sure it did with many of my colleagues). As we ate delicious food, had plenty to drink, and slept in gorgeous little cabins, I couldn’t help but feel the heaviness of the fact that most Malawians probably can’t afford to spend time in such a place. These mixed feelings of wanting to enjoy this break, but also wanting to stand in solidarity with the wonderful Malawians I’ve met have left me with both a belly full of food, as well as a mind full of food for thought.

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