Growing Community in a Garden

By Frank Juvenal

The fence

The fence around the garden

I feel like it hasn’t taken much time for me to get started with the project since being introduced to my co- learner who is such an amazing person to work with. I couldn’t wait any longer after having a short discussion with the co- learner about the Demonstration Garden project.

As a matter of fact, we couldn’t wait any longer to get started with the project since the co- learner and some people in the community thought that it was such a good idea to start a garden close to the well, also known as the  “Borehole”. Then, the meeting with the Chief of Makupo was arranged. The Chief was very pleased with the proposal of the project and approved it. He then went on to show us where we can actually put the garden which is just right next to the water source (Borehole). As we were deciding how big the garden should be, a few young people in the community came in and said that they were willing to help in building the fence that would surround it.

I had a lot of fun since the guys we were working with brought in some jokes and this made the construction of the fence more fun. As we were constructing the fence, we were sharing ideas on what techniques to use in order to make the garden sustainable. As a result, we decided to use different techniques and I was very happy to share all the techniques I know for making gardens including the ones I obtained from “The Foundations for Farming.” As seen in the picture, we decided to make use of the locally available resources to make the fence. It took us approximately 2 days  to complete the fence.

It is such an amazing project since I am learning different skills that include communication, management and Leadership skills.

1 thought on “Growing Community in a Garden

  1. Susan van Gelder

    I am curious about the garden. In what way will it be different from the agriculture that is already happening? Do people have gardens near their homes? Is what they already grow more for selling than local consumption? What kinds of things are you hoping to plant?


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