June 12th – A Smiling Moon

By Naomi Crisp

Stuck in thought

Stuck in thought

I was writing in my journal this morning before breakfast when I felt some rain. Gift came over to talk to me and was saying how unusual it was for this to happen. Maybe the rain rock really does work!!

The curriculum development went well again today. We started a bit late as we were waiting for people and weren’t entirely sure on the schedule. I was originally going to work with Dr. Stonebanks on the presentation format for the documents that would be posted in the PLC on LEARN but some other important work came up and he had to focus on that. I then took lead on that aspect of things and we organized the rest of the year. Everyone was working incredibly hard all day with little stopping time at lunch. We got nearly all of the year basically plotted and the beginnings of documents “LEARN – PLC” ready and typed up. We finished at 4 pm and headed into Kasungu to pick our things up and get internet usage so I could actually send our work in.

Even though it was a really positive day, I was feeling quite trapped and pestered by everything. I just wanted to go for a walk but we can only stay in the village. I found myself a quiet spot around the side of the hostel and just sat there for over an hour. I was staring at the moon mainly; it was a crescent moon but sideways like a smile. I found it mesmerizing and hardly noticed Chief Makupo standing by me until he said “ermm, what are you doing?” and he burst out laughing only to follow with “I think the buildings are too tall where you come from” and walked off. He has a point. I absolutely love the night sky here and I am going to miss it greatly when I leave. I spent the rest of the evening listening to music in my room. It feels strange to feel trapped in such an open area, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

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