June 1st: Our Perfect Day

By Naomi Crisp

Half way point and still smiling

Half way point and still smiling

Roommate bonding day!! It wasn’t really roommate bonding day but Corinne and I decided to make our perfect day. We set the alarm for 5:30 am to watch the sunrise as a start. We spent about an hour outside watching the vivid orange turn into pale pink as the deep red fireball rose behind a cloud. It then seemed to rise again from behind the cloud as the yellow morning sun we all see as we awake. The sounds of people in the fields and kitchen got louder and we got dressed so we could help make the breakfast. We helped make mandasi (doughnuts) and laughed with the women at our miserable looking knots. It was great fun and turned into great food.

It wasn’t long before we were all ready and getting on the bus to go climb Mount Kasungu. In my mind I had pictured a small overgrown trail path on a steady incline to the top. Nope. This hike was a wonderful challenge, the heat making it more so. It was extremely steep and at parts I was literally clinging onto rocks to climb up. I was one of the few people at the front of the group and on the way up we saw two monkeys playing. They were pretty close and it was an awesome experience seeing them in the wild. It was a fun but exhausting hour and half hike. What helped the climb was hearing a group of people singing while we climbed, who needs an iPod? We waited at the top for the others surrounded by an amazing view. We could see for miles and miles. Lakes, trees, villages, towns, mountains as far as the eye could see. It was great spending a couple of hours up there seeing the land that we have been walking on and learning about its history through its geography. It took us under an hour to get back down the mountain a different way but we had to stop for about 5 minutes to let a swarm of bees pass. It was so insanely hot on the way back as there was little to no shade and people began to struggle (including me). Due to how steep it was my hands got cut up from using the rocks for balance/support. As soon as we saw the bus we started to race, it was hilarious to see the group of exhausted people trying to run on jelly legs. While waiting for the others to make it down the mountain, Arshad used his iPad and I got to leave a message on my family’s voicemail which was a relief, although I don’t know how much they actually received. As we were sitting in the shade a group of kids came over and stared at us so we decided to teach each other random things like making owl noises with our hands. This was great fun and was interesting to see how human interaction goes above language barriers. When everyone else arrived we got onto the bus and headed back to the village. I came down really sick and had a massive headache due to the heat again. I felt better later on in the evening and we played cards.

Culture shock is becoming more and more prevalent within the hostel and the dynamic can shift quickly but then something like a centipede comes along and life is better. I will explain…Just before people went to bed Amy saw a centipede on the ground the size of a finger and the room exploded with screams and laughter. Amy took charge and bravely grabbed a shoe as she was in flip-flops herself and everyone else was either on top of a chair (Annabelle), holding a giant walking stick in the baseball stance (Roxy), in hysterics (me) or uselessly pointing at the bug. As Amy repeatedly smacked to creature it kept moving, blow after blow it was relentless. After strike 6 we were victorious! Feeling safe from creepy-crawlies we tucked in our nets under the mattress and slept through the night. R.I.P. centipede.

2 thoughts on “June 1st: Our Perfect Day

  1. Sarah Crisp

    ….oh my goodness what a hilarious story about the centipede! I actually choked on my coffee laughing. I wish you took a picture, especially of Roxy and the baseball bat hahaha.

    I love thought of you getting up early and cooking with the women of the village. That is true intergration…embracing part of their world and finding the pleasure it comunity! How wonderful.

    I could almost see that sunrise too….lovely descriptions .

    Hope Lake Malawi is a great experience for you all. Hugs x

  2. Susan van Gelder

    You are giving a wonderful sense of life in Malawi – the rhythm, the landscape, the relationships. I enjoyed your description of making sounds with the children. The very young have a lot to teach us about openness.


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