June 22 – An Ambitious Future

By Naomi Crisp

Praxis Malawi

Praxis Malawi

It was our last day at the Zikomo Safari Lodge and so we packed up our tents and went to have breakfast. It wasn’t long before we were heading for the bus to leave. We made it out of Zambia without getting lost at all!! This obviously cut the length of the trip dramatically. I still was amazed at the border system they had in place here, where you literally climbed through an opening in a fence. It is crazy comparing this to what is in place in Western societies. I took this long bus journey as an opportunity to talk to Dr. Stonebanks about next year with ECCOPs, Praxis Malawi and the possibility of going up north for my practicum. There is so much to think about for next year and I haven’t even left Malawi yet! He was right in saying it is a love-hate relationship doing work like what is happening here. It is stressful/time consuming/ frustrating at times but I can`t help but absolutely love it, and through the struggles and sleepless nights I will become a better person and a better teacher. When I am back in Canada I will have to go through and organize all of these thoughts and ambitions for next year to see what is possible. All I can do right now is aim high and see where life takes me…

It is amazing how many opportunities I have been given this trip alone. Corinne and I have also been asked to help in the creation of the Board of Governors for the new school. Another experience I am ready to jump on! I have learned more than I could express and I know while reflecting about it in the weeks/months/years to come I will continue to learn. I am so thankful to everyone who made this possible.

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