June 23 – Keep Good Company

By Naomi Crisp

Loving life

Loving life

Today was a strange day in the hostel. Linden and Jae were leaving the next day and it was obvious that it was on their mind. By 9 am Jae, Annabelle, Elise, Themba and Snowden were off to climb Mount Kasungu again. This made it even weirder as the hostel felt empty. People finally had a chance to sleep in, blog, journal and read. I took the opportunity to work by myself in typing up the advance work that we did as a sort of preface to the curriculum development process. This took me all morning and partly after lunch but I still didn’t complete it all. At that point my mind was mush and we were to leave within the hour to walk to Kay Jay Pee`s. It is funny how far that 5km walk felt the first time we did it and how easy it has become now. Our time spent at Kay Jay Pee`s was wonderful and relaxing. There were huge crowds in Kasungu as there was a political even going on but we had the whole restaurant to ourselves. The food was delicious! We had samosa, wing balls, burgers, kebab, chips, salad and a chocolate cake from Francis`s birthday. It got cold quickly when the sun went down and even though I was enjoying myself I was eager to wrap myself up in the sleeping bag. We were incredibly spoilt and I cannot wait to see Keith and Jenny again on Saturday.

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