Leaving is For Reunion

By Xiaoting Sun (Bishop’s)

Sunset in Monkey Bay

Sunset in Monkey Bay

People always say leaving is grieved, and yes it is true. On June 25, the day we went to Monkey Bay, it was also the day Emily and Rita left from Malawi. In the morning at 7 o’clock, we drove to airport. Last night Emily and Rita gave leaving card to everyone, and Emily also help me wrap my hair. It was so beautiful, it is my first time to do this kind of hair wrap. I said to Emily, “I will keep it as long as I can.” In about an hour we arrived at the airport and everyone got out of the car and gave them hugs. I saw Megan was crying.  I tried my best to control myself and I did not let tears fall down. I do not like to say goodbye because leaving means taking lots of things away and the only thing that remains is memory. We have stayed together now for around one month, and they have brought a lot of happiness to us; I still remember when we made guacamole. At first, I did not like it, but gradually I kind of liked it.  Sometimes I feel like one month is so long, because it has 30 days and sometimes it feels short as it is just one twelfth of one year. In this last week, I will try to remember everything here, even the petty things. I will try to remember every hospitable villager, every adorable child and the taste of breakfast, lunch and supper. I already am beginning to miss it all even if I am still here. Leaving is always grieved, but remember every time of leaving opens the possibility for reunion!

1 thought on “Leaving is For Reunion

  1. Emily Parker

    I love what you wrote Xiaoting!
    I am so grateful to have met you and now like you said so well, I am really looking forward to a reunion! By the way, when you said to me: “I will keep it as long as I can”, it was one of the cutest things to say ever, so thank you. Hope your summer is going great so far and miss you loads!


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