Pang’ono Pang’ono (Little by Little)

By Annabelle Lafrechoux

A view to remember

A view to remember

Considering that we returned from our adventure at one am on Monday, I must admit we all had some difficulty getting up. We made it a late morning and arrived at our work place, at the local high school, around 9:30 am. We were lucky to have Dr. Stonebanks come in and help us organize ourselves on this slow morning. We set an objective for ourselves this work week: find and develop all of the unit themes for a whole school year. We developed an effective working method to optimize our work productivity.

For the whole week we worked from 9:00 am to 5 pm on the curriculum development and sometimes in the evenings to transfer our work to the computer and work on our blogs. I am amazed to see how much we have accomplished within the time span of a week. We produced at least three units a day and I must tell you that today, Thursday June 13th, we have completed developing the outline of twelve units. It has been a unique experience for me to get the opportunity to work with all of these individuals who have a variety of experiences related to teaching which does indeed make this project so rich.

We also got the opportunity to go and see the school site and observe the progression of the construction. We saw the foundations of the school. It was particularly motivating; a concrete display of our objectives for this trip. It was a really good ending to this week’s work.

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  1. Susan van Gelder

    I’m impressed at the speed at which you are working. I have worked with others to design curriculum units and it is long and difficult work. I’m looking forward to seeing what you all have done.


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