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Creatures Creatures Everywhere and One Just May End Up On My Plate!

By Amy Simpson

Baby goat

Baby goat

Wherever we walk we see chickens, chickens of all sizes and colors. We see chickens with chicks, chickens with roosters and chickens with other chickens. Whenever we hear a noise in the bush it is not some exotic creature but a chicken. In the village there is one rooster that looks like the most typical rooster you can think of. Yes, it looks like the painting of a rooster that you have hanging in your kitchen. In the morning as the sun is rising this rooster does what most typical roosters will do, it cock-a-doodle-doos. The best thing about these chickens is they lay the biggest eggs I have ever seen and they are delicious.

Besides chickens there are goats. Some are tied up alone, some are tied up in pairs and others roam around the village freely. There is one goat in particular which is tied to a tree not too far from our hostel. This goat never stops bleating and the moment you think to yourself “Wow, I think that goat finally stopped.” it bleats again just to make sure you haven’t forgotten about it. Ever time we eat goat with our dinner I somewhat hope it is this goat on my plate.

Also running around and eating the rice which defines the perimeter of the volley ball court are piglets. Usually in groups of three they walk around munching on whatever they can find. They are the cutest little things when they run and their big pink ears flap around in the wind.

Among the cute creatures there are also two geckos living in our hostel. One bigger than the other; they like to chase after each other and play hide and seek behind the Malawi map poster on the wall. Besides that, their activities also include eating smaller critters while hanging from a piece of straw with their two back legs and staring down at us from the ceiling.

Then there are the not so adorable creatures which include the three spiders living above my bed, the cockroaches and giant centipedes which take a minimum of five shoe hits to kill. I think it is best not to think about these.