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Friendship and Bonding

By Emily Parker (Bishop’s)

The boys contemplating life

The boys contemplating life

Take a group of people, stick them in close proximity for even just a few weeks and what do you have? Lifelong friendship and an unbreakable bond? In my opinion, yes! At least with most people, if not all the people I am with now. Is this because I am naive when it comes to relationships and I think everyone is my friend? Or is it because I have faith in friendship and that it is not because you cannot see someone everyday or in this case, after our return that you cannot remain lifelong friends.

For me, this is not my first trip of this kind and I still feel strong bonds with the people I shared my other experiences/trips with. Perhaps it is the simple act of sharing intense and for some, life-changing moments with others that automatically creates a bond. Regardless, of what it is exactly, I cherish and will continue cherishing every single person I have spent other trips with and those I am with right now here in Malawi, forever.

Parker loves you all!!!