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Hospital Visit

By Xiaoting Sun (Bishop’s)

Makupo village

Makupo village

This morning was a very nice day, sunshine, blue sky and beautiful clouds as always. We walked almost 1 hour to get to downtown Kasungu, to visit the hospital. The hospital was bigger than what I thought it would be, but it was also very simple and crude. This hospital was divided into 4 parts. When we entered the hospital a lot of patients were sitting on the ground. Inside of hospital it was so crowded; people were sitting in chairs and waiting for doctors and medicine. It is free for the people to see a doctor and get medicine. When we went to the sickroom, we even saw two people who shared one bed.

Suddenly I realized how unfair the world really is. In China or Canada, when people get sick at the hospital, they complain that the television is not that big and that the air-conditioning is not cold enough. Compared to them, we are very lucky. We should be thankful and cherish everything that we have.

The nurse explained the function of every part of the hospital. In the pregnancy check room, around 30 women are sitting on the floor waiting for a doctor. I do not like hospitals because I do not like to see people that are sick, especially since I cannot do anything to help them. It makes me feel so helpless. I admire doctors and nurses as they are like angels who help people escape sickness and become healthy. Essentially, they allow these people to live a life that they otherwise, may not have had.