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Feeling Optimistic

By Rita Morley (St. FX)

Praxis Malawi Chilanga campus

Praxis Malawi Chilanga campus

Today I just have to say that, despite the many set-backs and tough learning curves throughout this trip, recently I’ve been feeling quite optimistic. Even though we still have time left to go here in Malawi, I can’t help but feel that our group is already making progress. Perhaps this feeling will be a fleeting one, but nevertheless, I’ll use it to fuel my work ethic as long as it lasts. It’s funny though – even as I mention this optimism, I am a bit suspicious of it, as though it could just be the bliss that comes along with ignorance. Maybe the only reason I’m content for the moment is that I’m not working hard enough or that I don’t see the big picture well enough. How do I know that my perspective of myself within the overall vision of Praxis Malawi isn’t skewed?

However, while this bit of scepticism does manage to seep its way into my thoughts, I do trust in the leadership of our group. Dale, Fintan, and Dr. Stonebanks have all exceeded my expectations in their roles as teachers, leaders, and mentors. I’m not sure if I’ve ever felt so supported by a team of educators before and perhaps that is one of the reasons I’ve been feeling optimistic. In fact, it may not be so much external context which has promoted my positive outlook, as my own shedding of self doubt. Our teachers here on this learning experience have really shown faith in my abilities and ideas which has provided encouragement for the continuation of my work here in Malawi.

There are bound to be other conflicts and set-backs during the remainder of our Praxis Malawi visit, but for the moment, I’m going to ride this wave of optimism.