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June 20 & 21 – More Than Words

By Naomi Crisp

Naomi blog 23 - Awesome play

Awesome play

Today was an absolutely perfect day! While we were sleeping in the tent we could hear all of the animals calling and walking by. It turned out that it was the hippos in the river beside us and some lions that were walking through the campsite. At 5AM we went to have some awesome breakfast then we were off on a SAFARI! The sun was rising as we began our tour into South Luangwa National Park. I can`t go into every detail of the day as I could talk forever while giving it no justice. Over the two days we went on 3 safaris which included two sunrises and a sunset. Rather than putting my language art skills to shame by attempting to describe such an remarkable experience I will just list the main animals that we saw and you will just have to go on safari yourself to understand why I can`t put it into words.

  • Lions – eating a buffalo so close you could hear the crunching of bones and tearing of flesh
  • Zebra – running through the dry empty land
  • Giraffe – a whole tower of them eating from the trees
  • Warthog – running around with their tails sticking up into the air
  • Elephant – trumpeting at us for getting too close to the babies
  • Hippo – my alarm clock as well as my tea buddy every morning
  • Puku – a type of bounding antelope
  • Impalas – a darker coloured antelope
  • Lilac breasted roller – the most amazing bird I have ever seen with 7 colours covering its body
  • Crocodiles – watching as our jeep went through  its river
  • Southern carmine bee eater – a stunning red and blue bird
  • Kudu – an antelope with stripes on its back
  • Waterbuck – the backsides look like a white toilet seat
  • Cape Buffalo – some of the biggest in Africa
  • Baboons – everywhere we looked
  • Guinea Fowl – the funniest chicken-like bird running around
  • Eland – a big grey antelope
  • Many different types of storks
  • Many different types of eagles

As you can tell we had VERY successful safaris and an experience that will stay with me forever. After an amazing few days of safari we got some down time to attempt to absorb everything that we had seen. This seemed impossible as I was on such a high from it all I felt as though I was in shock. I still find it difficult to comprehend that it was all real and those animals free, and yup they could have eaten me if they desired. In the afternoon we got to watch an awesome local drama group who put on a play about learning from the bush. It was incredible how they mimicked the characteristics of each animal perfectly and how they used song to transition from scene to scene. I could not stop laughing the entire time. Afterwards we had our dinner and waited to see if we could watch the hippos passing but we were all exhausted from the fun of the trip we headed to bed. What an amazing week…wow.