Time Flies

By Xiaoting Sun (Bishop’s)

A few days after arrival

A few days after arrival

Today is the seventh day since we have arrived in Malawi. Time flies. Malawi is really the warm heart of Africa. All the people have been so nice and friendly; they always smile at us. I still remember the first day we arrived in Kasungu village, the people welcomed us with dancing which was so amazing. We have tried our best to learn the local language to show our respect. I like it when it is night time in Kasungu; every night we can see a lot of stars in the sky, and also it is very quiet. It is making me feel better when we get through a whole tiring day.

Every morning the chirp of birds and bark of dogs wake me up. It is a very different experience and I really like it. The weather in Malawi is not as hot as I thought it would be. However, the weather in the morning and evening is a little bit cold, but in the afternoon it is hot. Three days ago, we climbed the Kasungu Mountain. It took almost 3 hours; everybody was tired but no one gave up. I am so proud of us. It was totally worth it when you saw the gorgeous landscape on the top of mountain.

Today we had a big meeting with the senior chief as well as 19 other village chiefs and some villagers. They were all very supportive of our projects. The Praxis Malawi project includes, a chicken co-op, a health clinic, school education, micro-loans and many more. After the meeting, everyone became even more excited about their projects.

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