We Have All Gone Shack Whacky or Maybe We Are Just Tired

By Amy Simpson



I spent about forty-five minutes staring at the blank page of my notebook not able to decide what to write about or what not to write about for my blog. So here are some tidbits of the conversation that followed as we sat around on the couches in the hostel.

– Whoever slit the sheets is a dirty sheet slitter. Repeat three times. Brenda’s saying from Newfoundland.

– I learned today that in the late 50’s there was a mine in Newfoundland where they would mine Fluorspar. Fluorspar is a mineral.

– There are two friends in this world, one is named Mr. Pickles and the other is named Mr. Green.

– I convinced myself this afternoon that the beef we were eating tasted like maple syrup. I say “convinced myself” because according to everyone else it didn’t, not even close.

– We have all gone shack whacky and the laughter is uncontrollable.

Whenever I can’t think of what to write or I am thinking with a pen and paper at hand I doodle. My rough drafts of my notebook are filled with doodles, so here is a collage of doodles that I have accumulated through many moments of blank page syndrome. Someone told me that if you don’t know what to write just start writing and the rest will come, so this is the final product.

2 thoughts on “We Have All Gone Shack Whacky or Maybe We Are Just Tired

  1. Sylvia Sklar

    Hi Amy,
    I enjoyed your doodles. I hope that you are gathering lifetime memories. I have thought of you on this trip.

  2. Barbara

    Amy, I love your doodling! and the laughter was truly contagious! Keep exploring and writing! Even if you have a few blank pages……….the doodling is priceless!

    warmest regards!



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