Reliving the Past: Teaching Tips from “Canada’s History” Magazine

There’s more to learning history than memorization. The February/March edition of Canada’s History has some ideas for engaging students and encouraging critical thinking.

The latest issue features an alternative history to health care in Canada. Writer Christopher Moore wonders what would have happened if, in 1962, Tommy Douglas failed to introduce health care into Saskatchewan because of striking doctors. Students can think about how different events created this outcome and its far-reaching consequences.

Assessment is just as important as instruction. Canada’s History features a series of webinars from history teachers  across Canada. The host, Rachel Collishaw, has implemented a new model in her own class. As a way to assess her students at the end of the year, students research a primary historical document and then take part in an interview about its content and what they have learned.

Enthusiastic history teachers and students unite through the new Government of Canada History Awards. The national essay writing competition asks students to answer one of five questions about Canadian history. Up to 225 prizes of $1,000 will be awarded to the top essays.

Finally, what better way to remember history than by reliving it as a Canadian historical figure? Governor General finalist Dean Stevens has some tips on getting students to re-enact the past .