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COVID-19 and the WOTP



Please read below for the most updated information concerning COVID-19 and the WOTP. 

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Practical Training in the Workplace

(Source: MEQ, Q & A, October 7, 2020)


Can students in Work-Oriented Training Path programs do external internships this year?

Students enrolled in Work-Oriented Training Path programs can complete their practical training under the usual conditions provided that:

  • the employer has identified the COVID‑19 transmission risks in the workplace and has implemented measures intended to reduce and control the risk of infection
  • prevention measures have been applied: exclusion from the workplace of people with symptoms, physical distancing, handwashing, respiratory etiquette, and the introduction of cleaning and disinfection measures with respect to materials, tools, equipment and frequently touched surface
  • the internship workplace follows the CNESST guide that is relevant to their occupational field:‑en/Documents/DC100-2152A-2-guide-school-system.pdf

What is the procedure to follow if there is an outbreak in the workplace?

If a case is detected in the workplace, the regional public authorities must be advised. The authorities will be responsible for managing cases and contacts and will determine the measures to take. 

If there is a COVID‑19 outbreak in a school, who is responsible for contacting the workplaces?

It is the responsibility of the teacher supervising the practical training or the school team to contact employers and inform them as soon as possible. See the following reference document, available in French only:


If there is a COVID 19 outbreak in the workplace, who is responsible for advising the school?

If there is an outbreak in the workplace during practical training, it is the responsibility of the employer to advise the student and the person responsible for the student (training supervisor or teacher), who is then responsible for contacting the school administration and parents.

Who is responsible for informing students of the health measures related to COVID‑19?

he educational institution must inform their students of the health measures related to COVID‑19 implemented specifically in the school as well as those that apply to the general public. It is also the responsibility of educational institutions to ensure that the students respect the guidelines associated with these measures, as they are required for any other behaviour deemed dangerous to others. In the context of practical training, it is the employer’s responsibility to inform workers and students of the health measures to be respected in their business. Employers must also share information with the training supervisor to ensure that students are properly prepared.

How can we follow up with students in the WOTP program? Is this done in person or by phone to minimize the number of contacts?

Follow-up in the workplace can take place in person if the health guidelines issued by the public health authorities, such as physical distancing and the wearing of face-coverings, are followed. 

What happens if a student is exempted from the requirement to wear a mask, but the workplace in which they are completing their training requires it?

A workplace cannot require an individual who is exempt from wearing a mask to wear one.

If it is not possible to find an employer for a student’s practical training or if a student’s parents refuse to allow them to work in a business due to the pandemic, what should that student do on the days where practical training is normally planned?

Practical training within the school can be organized, provided the teacher is able to evaluate the student on the competencies to acquire.

Who provides the student with protective equipment, the educational institution or the workplace?

Face coverings for students do not fall under free educational services; rather, they are materials for personal use that the student must purchase. However, it has been made clear that procedural masks will be provided on an exceptional basis to students who do not have their own face covering. If the workplace requires specific protective equipment, the employer must provide it. If necessary, the school and the business may make an agreement regarding cost-sharing.

(Last Updated, October 28, 2020)