On this page you will find a variety of co-teaching models and inclusive practices.

Canadian Association for Community Living

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The Inclusive Education page explains the Association’s vision and current work in inclusive education. At the bottom of the page, you will find a link for inclusive educational resources. This will lead you to the Teachers Helping Teachers Manual and Presentation, Commentaries-Sharing Experiences and Knowledge and many other inclusive education resources.

Français langue seconde et anglais langue d’enseignement: collaboration et transfert (MEES)

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A suggested process for collaboration between ELA and FSL teachers that teach the same students in order to improve student learning.

Inclusive Co-Teaching Model

This infographic allows you to read about various elements of a conference-style, goal-setting, inclusive, co-teaching model. It explains how to implement reading, writing and other conferences in a step-by-step way.

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Paula Kluth
Towards inclusive classrooms and Communities

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This website promotes inclusive schooling through a tip of the day, a blog, readings and other resources.