ALDI Update-November 2022


The November 2022 edition of the ALDI Update contains:

  1. Upcoming Professional Development
  2. New on the ALDI website
  3. Contact Information

1. Upcoming Professional Development:

Literacy Series 2022-2023

Designed for new teachers, but open to all, this series on literacy will support teachers in adopting evidence-based practices by looking at the different components of reading instruction one by one. The final workshop in May 2023 will be putting all the skills together into a lesson plan, to target instruction, based on student need.

To see all the workshops in the series and to register, use this link:

ALDI 2022-2023 Literacy Series

The next session is on November 14th on Zoom!




Resource Summer Symposium Follow-up: Learning Community #2

Even if you didn’t attend the Resource Summer Symposium back in July 2022, you are welcome to join the follow-up session on December 8th, 2022, from 9:00-3:00pm on Zoom. This day is designed for elementary remedial and secondary supporting teachers. Consultants are welcome too!

For more information on topics and to register use the following link: RSS Learning Community #2

2. New on the ALDI website:

In the Literacy section: Scroll down to the Texas Centre for Reading Disabilities heading.

It is worth checking out this website for any of your elementary and secondary literacy related needs. Use the left side of the site to navigate through various topics.

Use this link to access the ALDI website homepage: 

3. Contact information: 

Heather Scott, ALDI Coordinator 

Social Media 

@ALDICoordinator (Twitter)
Contributor to the Inclusive Education Services Quebec (IES) Facebook page