ALDI Update-August 2023

Welcome back 2023-2024

In this Blog you will find three sections:

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 Updates to the ALDI Website:

As we start a new school year, it seemed important to update the ALDI website. As exploring the whole ALDI website is not feasible, this blog post focuses on highlighting some new, useful and ready-made tools that can be found on the website.  These tools have been selected and categorized to support you and the teachers that you work with. I hope that these curated resources help you and your teachers get off to a great start! 


On this page you will find Diffit for Teachers. This tool allows you to maintain similar content for students but you can adjust the level of the text to differentiate. It is as simple as copying and pasting a passage or a web address into the toolbar.  

Individualized Education Plans: 

Scroll down the page to access Ontario Teachers’ Federation: Teachers’ Gateway to Special Education or use the hyperlinks below. 

Within the Teaching Strategies & Resources tab, you will find a bilingual bank of strategies and resources grouped by student need. This site may be helpful when lesson planning or creating IEPs. 

The Key Special Education Practices tab may provide you with some guidelines to consider as professional goals for the 23-24 school year. 

Assistive Technology: 

Récit and LEARN have created a page on assistive tech functions to support students with various aspects of reading and writing tasks. The short videos show you exactly how to use the tool and to get started in your classrooms! 

Provincial Handbook:  

This page contains The Comprehensive Instruction Guide, a digital resource designed to support teachers who wish to offer comprehensive instruction within the inclusive classroom setting. It provides tools to align resource support with classroom practice. 

This section also includes the role of the elementary remedial teacher.  



Continue down to the Vocabulary and Morphology section. The Root Repository contains ready-made downloadable word cards. A new root and its meaning are posted every week. Download them weekly to build up your collection of lessons. 


In the Assessment/Screening Tools section you will find a link for CUBED 3. These research-based screening and progress monitoring tools are designed to assess decoding and language comprehension separately. I was thrilled to find a screener on language comprehension! 

Coming Soon!

Upcoming events hosted by ALDI & Partners:  

-Accessible technology 

-Inclusion, equity and diversity in the classroom

-UDL Toolkit 


For further support, please contact me to collaborate.   

Heather Scott, ALDI Coordinator  

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