Specific Learning Needs

In this section, you will find resources to better understand and assist students with various learning needs.

Bright Hub

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This main page contains multiple articles on topics for teaching students with special needs.

  • Basic instructional techniques
  • Using Ipods for testing
  • Dysgraphia
  • Concept mapping and Science
  • An overview of Developmental Disabilities
  • Hearing Impairment and reading
  • Down Syndrome and Inclusion
  • Epilepsy and what teachers need to know

Centre for Attention Deficit Disorder Awareness Canada (CADDAC)

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The CADDAC site contains information on ADHD across the ages, assessment and diagnosis information, and resources such as videos and podcasts. The Understanding ADHD tab contains a drop down menu. By selecting In Education from this menu, you will access a section called Classroom Accommodations. This section will provide you with teaching strategies and accommodations for your students.

Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) Resources:

The DLD Project

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Raising Awareness of DLD

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This site includes:

  • Free printable picture cards for visual/functional communication systems
  • A section on social emotional skills
  • A teacher toolbox with suggestions on how to adapt your classroom with your students’ needs in mind
  • Resources for behaviour management plans
  • Definitions of disabilities and their respective characteristics and strategies
  • Materials to create necessary classroom items, such as visual schedules

This site is loaded with resources designed to save you time!

Dyslexia Canada

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This site contains a definition of dyslexia under the Dyslexia Basics tab. Under the Resources tab, you will find book suggestions, videos (documentaries, videos for kids and videos about celebrities with dyslexia), IEP information and a Resource Guide to Dyslexia (a 43 page Dyslexia Toolkit).

Dyslexia and Other Learning Disabilities-Podcast by Linda Siegel

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Dr. Linda Siegel’s latest research in Understanding Dyslexia and Other Learning Disabilities addresses how our educational system has failed to identify many children with learning disabilities and calls for the adoption of straightforward diagnostic techniques so that treatment options can be implemented at a young age.

In this talk, Linda Siegel challenges the use of complex and time-consuming testing that is currently used to diagnose learning disabilities. In their place, she outlines simple and pragmatic techniques for testing for disabilities in reading, mathematics, spelling, and writing.

Total time: 1:03:42

Dylexia Myths

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Nadine Gaab, Ph. D, along with her team of researchers have created the Gaab Lab. This site contains a wealth of resources, including 31 myths about dyslexia and a thorough explanation debunking each of them.

Great Schools

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This site contains articles on various topics pertaining to special needs. Topics include ADHD, red flags of a learning issue, inclusion, dyslexia and IEPs. A special section is dedicated to emotional intelligence. It contains articles to help with parenting challenges (respect, discipline, etc.) and character building (confidence, empathy, independence, etc.).

International Dyslexia Association

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This site provides a definition of dyslexia under the About Dyslexia tab. The Professionals tab contains a 15 page downloadable handbook called Dyslexia in the Classroom. The Resources section is rich with information for teachers including, but not limited to, videos, conference recordings and webinars.

Learning Disabilities Association of Canada

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This site contains is divided into two sections. If you select LD Defined, you will access a comprehensive definition of learning disabilities (LD). LD Basics will provide information about Myths and Realities, Signs of LD, Prevalence of LD, Understading LD and its manifestations.

LD at school

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This Canadian site contains a wealth of knowledge on various learning disabilities. The learning modules are of particular interest when looking to explore a specific topic. Learning module topics include Helping Students with LDs Navigate Secondary School, Fostering Advocacy for Students with LDs, An Introduction to Learning Disabilities in the Classroom, Technology For All, An In-Depth look at Executive Functions, and more.

LD Online

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LD Online explores various learning disabilites. It includes descriptions, signs of disabilities and how to respond to students with Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, Auditory and Visual Processing Disorders, Nonverbal Learning Disabilities and ADHD.

Working Memory Webinar by Todd Rose

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The Role of Working Memory in 21st C. Education