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ALDI Update-February 2023

This edition of the ALDI Update contains information for upcoming professional development opportunities.  Last call!  Special Needs Network of Anglophone Professionals (SNNAP) Special Meeting -UDL and SEL: Feb. 22nd 9:00-10:00 Online Presentation by Novak Education-Meeting the Needs of the Whole Child-Where UDL and SEL intersect. This session will be recorded. 10:00-11:30 Online discussion groups to […]


ALDI Update-November 2022

Content: The November 2022 edition of the ALDI Update contains: Upcoming Professional Development New on the ALDI website Contact Information 1. Upcoming Professional Development: Literacy Series 2022-2023 Designed for new teachers, but open to all, this series on literacy will support teachers in adopting evidence-based practices by looking at the different components of reading instruction […]

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ALDI Update-August 2022

ALDI-Welcome Back 2022  Contents:  The August edition of the ALDI Update contains: Upcoming professional development information A SNNAP update New items on the ALDI website Contact information Please continue reading to find out more. Upcoming Professional Development: To start the year, four professional development sessions are being offered in September and October. To find sessions […]


ALDI Update-June 2022

ALDI-June 2022 As the 21-22 school year ends, I cannot help but reflect on the influences of the pandemic and the school team shortages. As with many of my colleagues, my position was adjusted to address the pressing needs within schools. For those that had ALDI events canceled, thank you for your flexibility and understanding.  […]


ALDI Update-February 2022

February 2022 As we move through the winter season and the 5th wave of the pandemic, I am grateful to be working with such brillant and uplifitng partners. It was heartwarming to see a write-up of  ALDI and QPAT’s collaborative work in this month’s edition of the LCEEQ Newsletter.  Professional Development Motivating and Supporting Secondary […]

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ALDI Update-October 2021

ALDI Update-October 2021 Here is an overview of professional development initiatives, past and current. New resources are available through the ALDI website. Use the links to access them. On August 23rd, 2021, ALDI hosted an Inclusive Co-teaching Workshop. This workshop provided resource teachers with a step-by-step guide on how to work collaboratively with classroom teachers to […]

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ALDI Update-June 2021

As the 2020-2021 school year quickly comes to a close, take the time to rest and relax during a well-deserved summer break. ALDI Spring 2021 Initiatives: Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Following the ACES initative, teachers from across the province were invited to two follow-up workshops on UDL. On April 6th and May 6th, ALDI […]

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ALDI Update-February 2021

The goal of this quarterly blog post is to keep you informed of the current ALDI initiatives and the new resources available on the ALDI website.   ALDI Initiatives ALDI Initiatives are flexible in design. They can be adapted to meet the various pedagogical needs of your team.                […]


ALDI Update-October 2020

ALDI Update-October 2020 Thank you to all involved in keeping the schools open for our students.     The goal of this blog post is to keep you informed of the current ALDI initiatives. This issue is divided into four parts.  1-Professional Development Opportunity 2-New Additions to the ALDI Website 3-Survey Results & Current ALDI Initiatives 4-Opportunity to Collaborate!   1-Professional Development Opportunity:   […]

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ALDI Update-June 2020

  ALDI’s new coordinator has been in place since February 24th, 2020. Heather Scott has 20 years of teaching experience and has worked as a literacy consultant for two of those years. Some of her passions include pedagogy, inclusive co-teaching models, learning communities and reaching struggling readers through research-based practices.  Since February 24th, the new […]