When reading report cards or rubrics, we have learned to look for the qualifiers that come before a description of the child’s work.  We know that if we see OCCASIONALLY instead of ALWAYS, the teacher is identifying an area still needing improvement.  The Quebec educators highlighted below have all earned high marks from those who wrote shout-outs including words like awesome, best, very, teacher_appreciation_apple_great, always, priceless, extraordinary, and exceptional.  WOW!!!

Mme. Renouka, St. Anthony Elementary, Lester B. Pearson School Board

Mme Renouka is a kind loving understanding and just so wonderful to my son Nicholas and to myself. She has made the transition to kindergarten with such ease and love that my son looks forward every day to see her and what they will learn. She has patience and love for the children and it shows every day when I speak to my son about his day. She really cares about the children and as well the parents to feel comfortable. Can’t thank her enough in making kindergarten such a wonderful experience.

Ms. Given, McDowell Elementary School, Western Quebec School Board

Ms. Given is a very organized teacher. She is quick to respond when I have questions about my child’s progress or well-being. My child has often remarked the respect he has for her which means to me that she must be showing the same respect to her students. Good Job!!!

Ms. Stephanie Zakem, Carlyle Elementary, English Montreal School Board

Ms. Stephanie is what I would call the greatest, young and upcoming educator of the century! I have seen her work closely by her students to make sure that they are learning properly and that they are working at their full potential. She is very efficient at planning and executing the events of her classroom’s daily schedule; as well as other activities and school related meetings and projects. She seems to always have a limitless supply of drive and motivation and she puts her “everything” into her teaching! Students are drawn to her and you will always hear parents talking about how much they appreciate her!

Kristopher Pichovich, Sunshine Academy, Lester B. Pearson School Board

Mr. P is SO awesome, he makes learning fun and always makes a joke out of every Math subject! He always helps us prepare for any tests and is guiding us for our transition to High School. He’s the best teacher ever!


Mr. P always walks into class with a smile on his face. He always teaches with great enthusiasm, and he makes every kid laugh. Mr. P is very helpful in the school. He organizes great events like the “Terry Fox Run”. When you are excited to go to school, it’s because you have a great teacher.

Lara Belinsky, Willingdon Elementary, English Montreal School Board

Ms. Belinsky organized a wonderful Terry Fox campaign this year. She put a lot of thought into coming up with creative rewards for various levels of donations (including duct taping the secretary, having the principal kiss a turtle) and even shaved her own head. The kids were all thoroughly engaged in raising money for a good cause.

Pamela Tennant, Rosemere High School Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board

Mrs. Tennant is the best teacher because of all the patience she had with students and she is always happy no matter the weather, I think this one should go to her!!!

Mrs. Georgia, Carlyle Elementary, English Montreal School Board

Mrs. Georgia is an outstanding educator that blows my mind when it comes to her creativity and originality with teaching. She creates an amazingly kid-friendly environment in her classroom that exudes stimulation and self-expression. She is very close to her students, always sees the very best character traits in each of them and she encourages all her students to do their best and never give up! She is understanding, sweet, genuine, compassionate and she is dynamic and committed to her students. She is very hardworking and does everything she can to ensure her First Graders leave her class by the end of the year, with the ability to read and write independently. All of her students appear to be very advanced for their ages! She is doing more than one thing right! She is exceptionally brilliant and I have loved having her be a teacher to my daughter and hopefully future children as well!

Mrs. J. Quinn, Laurenhill Academy – Junior Campus, English Montreal School Board

My kids said she makes classes interesting, dynamic and she shows her interest for them to learn. Priceless!

Tom Foreman, Laurentian Regional High School, Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board

Tom is the quintessential inspirational teacher. He’s the teacher you want by your side when things are going amazingly well, and when things seem dark and desolate. He’s kind and patient, and has earned the respect from both colleagues and students. He dedicates his free time to a multitude of extra-curricular activities and always makes the students his priority.

Mr. Pauze, Laurenhill Academy – Junior Campus, English Montreal School Board

My kids told me that he helped them a lot with French because he knows that they are international students and they didn’t know much.

Sara Rosa, John Caboto Academy, English Montreal School Board

For Ms. Rosa, teaching is not a job. It is a vocation. She does not give up on any of her students and will go more than the extra mile to see her students succeed. She is kind, caring, humble and inspirational; a rare gem in the education system. We are blessed that she is our son’s teacher. We have been truly touched by an angel…

Paula Giddings–Philip, Everest Elementary, Central Quebec School Board

Always ready to help students in need, whether it is for Resource help or behavioural interventions. Has incredible knowledge of the QEP and its components.

Runs the SHERPA Club (Kids Helping Kids) and has put in immense extra time for extra-curricular activities.

Has a heart of gold!!!!

Ms. Christina Mamagat, Carlyle School, English Montreal School Board

Ms. Christina puts her heart into her Teaching and really cares for her students. She shows a genuine compassion and empathy that is needed by all children and she goes above and beyond to keep her students smiling, happy, motivated and upbeat. She has incredible enthusiasm and a positive outlook on teaching that is hard for most to attain. She always devotes herself to her students and her professional development and she truly seems to enjoy what she does. Her students have a tremendous and profound respect for her. She is absolutely amazing! Thank you.

Mrs. Christina for all that you have done and continue to do for Carlyle school! You are most definitely appreciated more than you know!

Ms. Elena, Leonardo da Vinci Academy, English Montreal School Board

Thank you for making learning fun again! Your love and gentleness with my daughter makes my daughter curious to learn!
She always comes home with a new story to share with us!
You are awesome!

Mme. Monique Imbeau, Leonardo da Vinci Academy, English Montreal School Board

My children before starting school spoke and understood only English and Italian. Starting school and having a full day of French was very daunting for them. 6 years ago, this amazing teacher taught my son and with her constant help and support and open communication, my son overcame his “fear of French days” and there were no more “being sick” episodes. Upon my request, she is now my daughter’s teacher and once again, with her support and open communication, my daughter has adjusted to school and she is no longer apprehensive for the “dreaded” French days. Mme. Imbeau is open, honest and kind. Her patience is very appreciated. The love she has for children and her profession shines through in the little notes that she writes me. LDVA is lucky to have her on staff and the children she teaches are lucky to have her as their teacher.


I think Mme. Imbeau is so awesome because she has such a passion for teaching and it shows through all her hard work and dedication towards the children. She goes above and beyond of what teaching is, making it all the more interesting for the children. So grateful that my children have had her as a teacher! She is not only an amazing teacher but an incredible person all together!

Ms. Parente, Leonardo da Vinci Academy, English Montreal School Board

Ms. Parente is a gift given to our children. What she teaches our children will benefit them for many years to come. She encourages all children and gives them the confidence they need to thrive. She has a generous heart and it shows in all she does. Cannot express how grateful I am that my boys have had her as a teacher.


Mrs. Parente is passionate and totally committed to her vocation. My children have really benefited from being a part of her class.
Once again thank you for all that you do!

Melanie Dignard, Westmount Park School, English Montreal School Board

Miss Melanie has the ability to manage difficult situations, with the kids and the parents feeling great about it, and she makes it look easy, never missing a beat. My child adores her and is actually eager to wake up to go to school. We could not have asked for a better teacher to integrate school through the very challenging Kindergarten transition year.

Metaxia Daras, Carlyle Elementary, English Montreal School Board

Mrs. Daras is the most nurturing and optimistic teacher our family has witnessed in action. She cares whole-heartedly for all students that she works for and with and she is also very busy taking care of the staff at Carlyle and keeping everything organized and running smoothly. She is very dedicated and hard-working and her compassion in teaching as well as her sunny, bright disposition around the children and adults at the school is very heart-warming! She deserves a whole lot of applause and credit! Bravo, Mrs. Daras!

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To all of my LEARN colleagues, and from all of us to Québec’s educators, Happy Teacher and School Staff Appreciation Week!