This year’s Teacher Appreciation Week, as highlighted by le Ministère de l’Éducation et Enseignement Supérieur, has as its very simple theme: Thanks! Merci!

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Expressing and recognizing gratitude has been shown to make one feel happier. It is all too easy to focus on the negative. Taking stock of all the things for which we have to be grateful will surely make us feel better.  Just think about how happy it would make someone if you shared that gratitude! 🙂

That is exactly what these happy folks did in their shout-outs for educators across Quebec, featured in our 2019 edition of LEARN’s Teacher Appreciation Blog Posts. Thank you for spreading your happiness! (We’ll post again next week, so please keep the shout-outs coming: )

Johanne Lemaire, Forest Hill Junior, LBPSB

Last year at Forest Hill Junior we had a hard time to say goodbye to our phenomenal Kindergarten teacher only to find an equally amazing Grade 1 teacher. I have had the pleasure to volunteer in Mme Lemaire’s class and I am completely floored by how she manages her students. I can barely command one child and there she is leading 18 6-7 year olds and they are ALL listening to her and she has their attention immediately. Little cues to grab attention, little nudges individually to motivate, little looks to let them know they need to stop, encouragement to keep trying, tools to learn the word and sounds, books coming and going to our home, flash cards. It is almost impossible not to flourish in her atmosphere. I do reading with the children, As in all classes, some are more advanced than others. I had children who could not even read a letter at the beginning who are now reading sentences, as if it just clicked at some point for them through all her hard work. We love Mme. Lemaire and we love Forest Hill Junior. What a wonderful way to start our elementary life.

Thank you for being a perfect fit for your job, Mme Lemaire.

Carrie-Ann Novinsky, Pinewood Elementary, SWLSB

Ms. Carrie-Ann is a truly wonderful & special teacher in so many ways. My daughter Alexandra loves her so much! She is a very kind, calm, patient and understanding teacher among other terrific qualities. She always takes time out for her students and the parents. She has fun ideas for the students to do while learning. My daughter enjoys going to school everyday because of the amazing way Ms. Carrie-Ann teaches and by being such a sweet teacher.

Thank you Ms. Carrie-Ann for being such an amazing teacher! We love you!

Darren McCready, McDowell Elementary School, WQSB

My child was feeling anxious about starting Grade 4 so she was able to come in the day before school started to meet her teacher, Mr. McCready. He was very empathetic while reassuring her that if she felt overwhelmed, she could talk to him. After term one, we had parent/teacher interviews and my child attended it with me. The interview began with him telling me how she was doing but before ending, he talked directly to her… saying how he knew she would continue to succeed because she was a hard-worker. My daughter has always struggled in school so to hear his words and praise… it made her feel so encouraged and proud of herself.

Thank you Mr. McCready, for being a supportive and understanding teacher to my daughter! We are so grateful!

Jordan Venne, PACC, LBPSB

After many struggling years of becoming a single parent to two children with special needs, I decided to return to school to acquire my high school diploma. It took me 3 long years to achieve my diploma, but throughout all my studies, Jordan was my go to teacher, for any kind of help. I have a handful of teachers who really helped me throughout my achievements, I do not want to exclude them for their amazing guidance: Jordan, Lethisha, Isaac, John, Teddy and Gene, without all of you, I would have never made it through adult education.
My first time at PACC I met Jordan, he was my math teacher, at this time he was teaching cycle 1 math. Although I was motivated to continue my education, I was scared, shy and doubted my abilities of what I could achieve by continuing my schooling.
This awesome teacher showed the love and dedication of being a teacher by constantly reminding me I can do anything I set my mind to, as well as to believe in myself. Every time I said I could not do something or when I would doubt my ability to achieve something, he always had something inspiring to change my mind set. As an adult, those daily reminders changed my life before I even noticed myself changing. As important as that is for children growing up throughout their education, I believe in the adult sector it is equally as important. Not only did Jordan motivate me, but he took personal time on his breaks to help tutor me, even as I began higher math with other teachers.
Sadly, just when I got comfortable with Jordan helping me on my journey, he broke me the devastating news that he is leaving PACC, he was given an opportunity to work directly at the school board. When Jordan left, I found myself struggling with my math studies, so I decided to reach out to him asking him for help. This amazing teacher went above and beyond by introducing me to websites that could help me, showed me how to solve certain equations through a video he made for me just so I could succeed and understand what I was doing. Most importantly, in my emails asking for help, he always made sure to include one of his motivational speeches just to assure me that I am on the right road and not to worry.

Photo provided by nominator.

This past summer (2018) I finally graduated and yes Jordan was there, up front, watching me graduate. I was so proud of not only myself but of this awesome teacher who kept his promise by going out of his way to come and watch me walk across the stage.



This is beyond touching to have that kind of a bond with a teacher who helped curve my path in my educational road to success. Jordan, Thank you. 

Paola Casale, Leonardo-Da-Vinci Academy, EMSB

Over the course of our children’s early years, they will meet and be guided by many educators and caregivers. Sometimes, we will be fortunate enough to come across that special someone who truly leaves a mark on your child, helping them to grow confidant and learn new things every day. Both of my children have been blessed to have been in Ms. Paola’s kindergarten class at LDVA. Without a doubt, Ms. Paola truly loves what she does and it comes across in her work with our children. My daughter’s first reaction whenever she learns something new at home is to say that she cannot way to tell/show Ms. Paola. The connection between educator and child is such an important one, as they spend so much time together over the course of a school year. I am so very thankful to know that my children have been in such good hands.

Thank you Ms.Paola, for all that you do.

Vilma Scattolin, LEARN Tutoring

Vilma supports our son John with his learning on a weekly basis. We most appreciate the constructive interaction between the 2 and John’s math skills have tremendously improved in the last few months. Vilma also provides John with weekly feedback that helps with improving and developing his math skills.

Thank you Vilma for your commitment and dedication to our children, keep up the great work. John most appreciates you and looks forward to his lessons with you each and every week!

Diana Samaan, Pinewood Elementary, SWLSB

Merci Miss Diana d’accompagner notre fils Liam dans son évolution et de lui donner le goût d’en apprendre toujours plus.

Vanessa DaSilva and All of the staff at Flemming Elementary School, ESSB

Big shout out & thank you to all staff at Flemming Elementary- everyday you go above and beyond to insure both the happiness and success of the students. Each year we thank our son’s teachers and this year like previous years we are very blessed. Thank you Ms DaSilva for all you do each and everyday ~ your dedication to your class is so heartwarming to see .. we are all very lucky to have you ♥️ and want you to know that we appreciate everything you do to include and make everyone feel accepted and cared for.

All staff at Flemming Elementary ~ the support staff .. teaching staff and administrators deserve a ginormous thank you, you all are so kind, dedicated, and welcoming. When you enter the doors at Flemming Elementary it’s not just a feeling of being in a school~ you have a sense of community and pride and we are very honoured to be part of it ♥️

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