Just before the holidays I had the great privilege of sitting down with educator, author and outdoor learning expert Juliet Robertson for a wonderful chat about her journey into outdoor learning and play. We discussed her own experiences as a teacher, along with activities designed to get children involved in hands-on learning. We also covered topics such as the importance of play and the outdoors for our youngest learners, the applicability of her amazing books “Messy Maths” and “Dirty Teaching.”  Her light-hearted approach to learning and the outdoors made this  podcast particularly enjoyable. Juliet’s hands-on, experiential method of teaching utilizes the outdoors as a dynamic classroom that creates endless learning opportunities for children. She has developed her strategies around the idea that both independence and collaboration are essential for effective learning, allowing children to develop on multiple levels while having a great time outside. It was such an honour to chat with Juliet, a highlight of 2022. To learn more about Juliet checkout her website Creative STAR Learning