Credit: Jessica Lewis on Unsplash

ALDI Update-June 2020


Credit: Jessica Lewis on Unsplash

ALDI’s new coordinator has been in place since February 24th, 2020. Heather Scott has 20 years of teaching experience and has worked as a literacy consultant for two of those years. Some of her passions include pedagogy, inclusive co-teaching models, learning communities and reaching struggling readers through research-based practices. 

Since February 24th, the new coordinator has been:

  • Working collaboratively with consultants, via digital platforms, to build targeted intervention workshops in the area of literacy and numeracy.
  • Building resources and professional development material to support new-to-resource teachers.
  • Building professional development material to provide specialized training to resource teachers.
  • Building resources to collaboratively lead Response to Intervention initiatives.
  • Adapting professional development to on-line platforms and ensuring that all proposed activities adhere to social distancing guidelines.
  • Collaborating with LEARN to update the ALDI website in order to improve communication and access to resources.
    • Please take a look at the redesigned ALDI homepage. Go to ALDI homepage.Go to Site
    • The topics in the Resource Library are being grouped for convenience, and now include brief descriptions to enable efficient searching. Go to the Resource LibraryGo to Site

For all inquiries or to plan professional development at your school board, please contact