Author: Dianne Conrod

Thank you!

When I speak with LEARN’s teachers about what is different for them about teaching online compared to their face-to-face experience with students in schools, one of the things that comes up frequently is the gratitude that their...

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Check-in Call: Parents at LEARN

Sometimes the smallest acts can have the biggest impact. At the beginning of the school year, my daughter’s teacher called all parents of her students to check in and introduce herself.  For me, it was a two minute phone call. ...

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New (School) Year Resolutions

Confession:  I have never liked New Year’s Eve.  Too much pressure is associated with that one night: going to a huge party, dressing in fancy duds, and staying up late.  Then, we have the angst over making New Year’s...

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SOS LEARN: The Tutors’ Perspective

  SOS LEARN is a free online tutoring and homework help service that has operated through LEARN for the last five years.  The strength of SOS LEARN comes from its tutors, Quebec classroom teachers by day who, by night,...

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