Online Opportunity to Think Global, Act Local

At the CLC Teacher Institute we asked teachers “with students in mind, what 3 things do you absolutely want to consider when designing a Community Based Service Learning (CBSL) project”?

The top 3 responses were:

1) Relevance

2) Student Voice/Ownership

3) Student Interest

Knowing that teachers know their students crave opportunities to engage in real world situations and share their opinions and knowledge, comes at an interesting time.  Two really interesting opportunities have recently landed on my desk that can tap into the engagement of an Elementary or Secondary class, or even a few keen students interested in global issues.8444928575

Last week I received an email from Terry Godwalt, executive director of the Centre for Global Education.  He is leading an online collaborative project with schools across Canada, asking students “what true Global Citizenship education should look like in schools”?  But up to this point, there is no representation from Quebec!

We’re looking for Secondary Cycle 2 students to participate in a virtual town hall that will culminate in a position paper to be presented to UNESCO in Paris this summer.  It would be great to get students from the English Speaking Community of Quebec adding their voice to this consultation.  Youth of the English Speaking Community represent a linguistic-minority perspective, living in a rural and urban context.

Be in touch with Ben if you have students interested in this opportunity.


Opportunity for Elementary Students to Raise Awareness of Deforestation and Orangutan Habitat

Think Global, Act Local.

TakingITGlobal and The Centre for Global Education are inviting your class to participate in one of the world’s largest student-driven environmental campaigns: DeforestACTION!

DeforestACTION is a global movement of youth and schools taking action to stop deforestation and create a permanent habitat for orangutans and other species that depend on forest ecosystems. Through collaborative learning and action related to deforestation and environmental sustainability, students will become DeforestACTION agents who are shaping a more sustainable world.  To learn more, visit

8456990036TiG will be kicking off a 2-month campaign in March, starting with a webinar to invite classrooms across the world to develop and launch campaigns that raise awareness of the detrimental eff6077865677ects of deforestation. Classrooms will then undertake their environmental campaigns and have the opportunity to partner with another classroom to share ideas, brainstorm, and compare local ecosystems as they develop their deforestaction projects.

As a part of Earth Day celebrations on April 22, participating schools will come together, through video conference technology, to showcase their amazing work.

Unearth our Past- Learning from Local Cemetaries

Three CLCs are participating in a project called “Unearth our Past”,  supported by Blue Metropolis.

Students from Quebec High CLC, New Carlisle CLC and Laurentian Regional CLC are visiting a local cemetery in search of buried local heroes or role models and turn the stories of these lives into short dramatic works, to be presented at local schools and in the community.4831280135

Listen to an interview on CBC about the QHS Students visit to Mount Hermon Cemetery.

Read more about the project here.

Check out some photos from Monique Dykstra – A Montreal based photographer working with the students as they work on the project.

This project is ongoing.  Next steps include writing a play based upon a grave site they visited.  Follow the progress of the project on twitter at #unearthourpast