Unearth our Past- Learning from Local Cemetaries

Three CLCs are participating in a project called “Unearth our Past”,  supported by Blue Metropolis.

Students from Quebec High CLC, New Carlisle CLC and Laurentian Regional CLC are visiting a local cemetery in search of buried local heroes or role models and turn the stories of these lives into short dramatic works, to be presented at local schools and in the community.4831280135

Listen to an interview on CBC about the QHS Students visit to Mount Hermon Cemetery.

Read more about the project here.

Check out some photos from Monique Dykstra – A Montreal based photographer working with the students as they work on the project.

This project is ongoing.  Next steps include writing a play based upon a grave site they visited.  Follow the progress of the project on twitter at #unearthourpast



Slice of Life



Slice of Life is a story of how a local artifact can get students and the wider community to talk about their history and reflect on the changes over the past century locally and globally.

It started with a 2 inch thick slice of tree from a towering pine, cut down outside Pope Memorial Elementary School in the town of Bury.  Students counted the rings and determined the age (109 years to be exact).

Next, their teacher Jocelyn Bennett read a book about a thousand year old tree and what had happened during that time period.  French teacher Celine Carbonneau asked her students to bring in artifacts from that period and wrote about is in French, later presenting to the community.  This inspired the students and community to research the history of the town and vote on the most significant town and world events over the past 109 years.

You can see pictures and read more about the project and how the community got involved in an entertaining article by Rachel Garber in The Record.

Inspiration can be found in the strangest places.