We have come to the last post of our three day series highlighting amazing shout-outs for outstanding teachers in Quebec’s English schools.  It’s incredibly humbling to read about the contributions these educators have made to the lives of individual students, to their classes, as mentors, and as leaders in their communities.


Peggy Drolet, LEARN

Peggy has been a role model for me. She cares so much about her students and reminds them of this on a regular basis (check out her #SN4students Twitter feed to see this in action). She works very hard to instill superior study habits in her students (in addition to a very full math curriculum). I do not know a teacher who is more dedicated to her students and to innovating/evolving/growing year after year. Peggy is an awesome teacher!

Amanda Sayegh, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, LBPSB

My daughter was diagnosed with Dyslexia last year and this year she was placed in Amanda’s class. Amanda being new to our school I had no idea what to expect in terms of her way of teaching. Would she be willing to incorporate the iPad? Would following the IEP be a problem?

I have to say that I have never been so impressed with a teacher.  Amanda has gone above and beyond with helping my daughter and encouraging her, helping to build her self-esteem. Our family recently experienced the loss of a family member.  Amanda was kind enough to send home a book for her to help deal with this loss. She is not only a terrific teacher but a very kind person.

Mme. Marie France Christophe, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, LBPSB

Mme. Marie France is an amazing teacher. She works with her heart and as a lot of compassion and understanding of children’s needs. My son has difficulty with his reading and writing skills do to a speech problem. With a classroom of 25 students she always makes sure that my son understands what is expected of him. We work together to ensure a plan that will work for my son in his class. She always answers any questions or concerns I have. She plans activities for special occasions, especially the children’s birthdays –  they get a special treat. She is a teacher that goes out of her way to accommodate her students. I am so grateful to have her as a teacher for my son who is grade 2. It was always a concern for me as a parent to know if my son will be ok in doing his work and other tasks. My son has struggled in the past and still does. Having Mme Marie France as a teacher is a blessing. My son has gained more confidence in himself because of her. Thank-You, Mme Marie-France, for all of your hard work. We truly appreciate everything that you do.

Martin Poirier, St. Patrick’s High School, CQSB

Mr. Poirier is a super math teacher. He is amazing because his main concern is “how will my students relate to this math topic”. He is continuously looking for ways to make the math activities meaningful for his students. Your hard work is appreciated by all!

Nancy Gauthier, Hillcrest Academy, SWLSB

Madame Gauthier is a dedicated professional who always puts one hundred and ten percent into her job and students. She continuously looks for new approaches to engage all second language learners and works way beyond the required hours. She provides the students with a safe environment that allows them to learn and practice their French language skills. She loves her students and it shows in everything that she does. She has made a difference in the lives of both my children.

Anne-Marie Pelletier, Everest Elementary School, CQSB

Anne-Marie teaches French to our Cycle 2 and 3 students. Her passion and curiosity for learning and embracing life are contagious. She strives to improve her craft for the benefit of her students. She is currently piloting a 1-to-1 i-pad project with her classes. She works tirelessly at creating positive relationships with her students and their parents. Her attention to detail and communication with the home is inspiring. She welcomes French monitors as well as student teachers into her classes. Best of all, she is always a positive and supportive colleague.

Linda Cotter, St. Lawrence Elementary School, RSB

Mrs. Cotter is the best teacher any child could have. She is strict but loves the children with all her heart.

Trisha Klancar, St. Patrick’s High School, CQSB

Trisha is an awesome teacher. She is attentive to her students’ needs. Trisha’s dedication to her students prepares them well for senior high school. Also, her involvement in the Canadian Student Leadership Program has made St. Patrick’s High School a driving force in this initiative. Congratulations Trisha and thank you for making St. Pat’s a better school!

Sia Georgaklis, Chateauguay Valley Regional High School, NFSB

Energetic and enthusiastic… exceptional qualities for anyone, but for a teacher to display this to her students everyday is OUTSTANDING.
Her energy encourages her students to embark on projects and activities sometimes outside their comfort zones. However, with her guidance and encouragement they find success!

Jeffrey Jordan, Heritage Regional High School, RSB

Best Teacher my child has ever had, kids love him, makes a difference to them.

Suzanne Monderie, Flemming Elementary, ESSB

When my family and I started our journey in Sept Iles with our 3 1/2 year old son with Autism, all was very new. Luckily for us she was his Pre-K teacher for part of the year as she taught Resource and lucky for my family and especially my son she is teaching him Grade 1!! Suzanne is an amazing teacher with an enormous heart of love to give her students. She is very passionate about her teaching and goes above and beyond to ensure success of her students and to help them reach their full potential. I am very lucky this year to be working in her class and she inspires me each day and I love to know each day that my son, who is my world, is in her care, her class.

Susan Outram, Centennial Regional High School, RSB

This teacher is a super, outstanding person who will do anything for her students to help them in school and help them pass. This teacher not only struggles with medical problems, where sometimes she is in so much pain that she must make the choice between feeling pain all over her body or teaching her students. She always puts the students first.

Danielle Chaput, St. Patrick’s High School, CQSB

Danielle Chaput is a dedicated math and science teacher. Danielle assists her learners in enhancing their thinking. More recently, Danielle is implementing the flipped classroom. Because of her teaching strategy, her students are engaged and taking ownership of their learning. Congratulations Danielle. Your students are lucky!

Lynn Harkness, Chateauguay Valley Regional High School, NFSB

“Sounds like a good idea to me”…Lynn makes things happen. When kids are at the centre of any project Lynn is willing to give her time and energy to help them find success! Always smiling always ready to find ways for kids to shine!

Daphne Amster, Edgewater Elementary School, LBPSB

Miss Daphne goes above and beyond every day for her students. An active member of the Home and School and a recipient of the “unsung hero” award last year, Daphne is an important and much loved teacher in our school. She spearheaded the iPad pilot project, combining classic teaching and technology allowing the children in her class to experience a new dynamic of learning. Taking the time to train and learn as much as possible to pass on to other teachers, ensuring that the Edgewater community benefits from her vast knowledge. Her teaching style, huge heart and genuine love for her students shines through and helps the children feel confident and excited to learn. For these reasons and many, many more, Daphne Amster is more than deserving of the honor of being recognized.

We want her to know just how much her endless efforts are truly appreciated.

Amanda MacKechnie, Dr. S.E. McDowell, WQSB

Amanda is my son’s Pre-K teacher and she is well-loved by all. Her positive attitude, beautiful smile and nurturing ways help the little ones transition smoothly from home (or daycare) to school. This year is so important in making these future scholars feel safe and happy in a challenging environment. Way to go Miss Amanda!

Diane Lapalme, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, LBPSB

Diane is amazing teacher, she has gone out of her way to accommodate my son in her classroom since the beginning of the year. She recognized right away where his strengths and weaknesses are and changed his work without being asked. She praises the children in her class daily. My son has dramatically improved since the beginning of the year and the majority of the credit goes to Diane!

Stephanie Gerbaux, Kuper Academy

She’s a caring, giving teacher who never stops thinking of her students. She truly gives her profession her all and no matter how tired she is, she makes sure to give the best of herself always.

Nathan Gage, Riverdale High School, LBPSB

In his first year as Music Teacher at RHS, Mr. Gage has restored my faith in high school music programs.  Mr. Gage has revamped the whole style, adding vocalists, rappers and electronica. The students love it, and the parents are mightily impressed. Kudos to you, Sir!

Audrey McLaren, LEARN

Audrey is an awesome teacher. She is caring, innovative, and most of all, extremely funny; all the ingredients needed in a classroom with teenagers. Audrey, we need you, we love you. We learn from you. Thank you!


Audrey is one of the most enthusiastic and innovative teachers that I know. She is always evolving and looking for better ways to reach her students. She is extremely connected, both to her immediate peers and to the greater teaching community. With her focus on developing relationships, Audrey is always eager to share her experience and to gain insights through others’ experiences (both students’ and teachers’).

Tanya Travaglini, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, LBPSB

My daughter was diagnosed with Dyslexia at the end of last year. This year she was in Tanya’s class for English and Math. After my first meeting with Tanya my mind was put at ease, she is an amazing teacher. She immediately incorporated my daughter’s needs into the class. She also recognized her strengths in math and pushes her to do well!

When my daughter comes home and shows me a test that she did really well on and beams when she tells me how proud Miss Tanya was of her. I can see the positive effect Tanya has had on her!

Elizabeth Maltais, St. Patrick’s High School, CQSB

Ms. Maltais is an extremely dedicated French teacher. Her strength is her calmness. Her students excel because of the soft and caring atmosphere in her classroom. St. Pat’s is lucky to have you as a teacher. Thank you!


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