We didn’t receive one thousand thank yous, but we did get a lot.  We continue with part two of our three part series, with more amazing messages of appreciation for educators across boy_thanksour province.  (Read part one here.)

Miss Mirella Simone, Terry Fox Elementary School, SWLSB

Miss Mirella is one of the best teachers I had during 7 years at Terry Fox. She is very understanding, very caring towards all the kids in class, and very patient. She is an awesome teacher and I want to thank her for everything she has done for me this year.

Miss Lina Monaco, Terry Fox Elementary School, SWLSB

Everything she does with the children is awesome.

Martin Goudreault, La Tuque High School, CQSB

Mr. G gives endless hours to the staff and students of LTHS every year. He does it because he loves to expose the students to opportunities they might otherwise miss in our small community. Mr. G is particularly active in leading students through fundraising to go on trips to Quebec City, Montreal, and New York City. He has also been active in chaperoning Student Council when they go on their annual leadership conference. Mr. G’s impact on his students is clearly evident in the numbers that stay in contact with him long after they have left our school to pursue higher education and careers of their own.

Shelley Osborne, Everest Elementary School, CQSB

Shelley puts in many extra hours on a daily basis for free, helping children with their school work. She works with children from her own class and others after school almost every day. She helps others on a regular basis and shares all her good practices with other teachers.

Diane Lazure, Heritage Regional High School, NFSB

For the way she differentiates her instruction for the needs of her students. Teaching for Diane is a passion!

Chantal Pineault, Riverside Regional Elementary School, CQSB

Patient, creative, and a great friend to teach with!

Ali Ghassemi, Nova Career and Education Centre, NFSB

Ali is an awesome adult educator because he recognizes that his students come from different backgrounds and have different needs. He is willing to take chances with helping students and works hard finding ways to make sure they understand the math concepts they need to get in order to achieve their goals.

Deborah Caruso, Everest Elementary CQSB

Ms. Caruso often uses hands-on activities and games in order to teach her students. In return, her students enjoy learning and easily remember the lesson.

Mrs. Debbie Ellison, Dr. S. E. McDowell Elementary, WQSB

She takes real life classroom problems/conflicts and turns them into life lessons. My son is positively influenced and is made to feel like he’s special and important. She is fair and treats all equally. She is respectful of the children, therefore, they respect her. We feel blessed our son is learning from a great role model.

Kim Kiolet, Shawinigan High School, CQSB

Kim is regularly leading her students in engaging, interesting, interactive activities to bring learning to life. Her students have trained for a marathon and then invited other students to run with them in an event that involved local exceptional athletes. She invites veterans to be interviewed by her students prior to the school’s Remembrance Day ceremony. To name a few…


This teacher is devoted to her students. She is 100% dedicated. She’s an amazing 6th grade teacher. My daughter is in Sec. 1 now and still goes to see Ms. Kiolet at lunchtime sometimes. She teaches them academics but she also shows them about being good people either by volunteering with senior citizens or organizing a blood clinic. She is an inspiration to all the kids! My daughter has never had such an amazing teacher! She will remember this teacher all her life!! Kudos to her!!!

Madame Céline Maisonneuve, Dr. S. E. McDowell Elementary School, WQSB

She is dedicated and works beyond hours to make her classroom a great learning environment. She makes the children proud of their accomplishments. I am thrilled my daughter was fortunate to have such a caring and nurturing Kindergarten teacher.

Cathy Nugent, Onslow Elementary School, WQSB

She really focuses on getting the students to read which is great.

Elizabeth Ascah, Grosse Isle School, ESSB

I have watched this teacher perform her magic with students over many years as a consultant and now, as a Director of Education Services. Libby is loved by all her students. She is so very modest about her excellence in her craft but the results speak for her. Her student results are always top notch despite the greatest challenges any of us could possibly face in a small rural school on a tiny isolated island. She has taught children to love to read and write. It is in her class where, even the boys eagerly ask to share their favourite book or recently crafted story.

Libby always stretches her practice, is the first to embark on a new educational plan and is a collaborative learner with her students, while modelling her zest as a life-long learner.

Melissa Verreault, Everest Elementary School, CQSB

Ms. Verreault is awesome because she makes learning real for the students. She engages her students in their learning every day. Our daughter simply loves her!

Stephanie Beaudoin, Everest Elementary School, CQSB

Ms. Beaudoin is the most awesome kindergarten teacher ever! She has a way getting the kids involved in learning that is incredible. By doing so our son has discovered the joy of reading. Thank you!

Mrs. Tracy Dow, St. Willibrord School, NFSB

She is awesome with the kids, so much patience and knows just how to handle each situation, with kindness. Makes each child feel so appreciated. She teaches with her heart.


Because I like her, she’s a good teacher, and she’s very nice to me.

Miss Cheryl Hubert, St. Willibrord School, NFSB

This lady is so kind to the children and truly knows how to listen to the children. Without her many a child would not do as well. She is a true teacher with patience beyond patience. The children love her.

Vicky Perreault, Joliette High School, SWLSB

Vicky walks the talk! She is an avid Dragon boat participant, showing her students participation is how things get done! Her leadership in the paperless classroom is an example for her school, school board and provincial colleagues! We can all take lessons from Vicky.

Mrs. Marie Christine Corriveau, Edgewater Elementary School, LBPSB

So caring and wonderful at what she does!

Guylaine Gendron, St. Anthony’s Elementary School, LBPSB

Selfless, devoted, caring and loving, positive, understanding, really cares about the kids, always goes the extra mile, smiles.

Elizabeth Wilson, Wilder Penfield Elementary School, LBPSB

Caring, patient, kind… Mme. Elizabeth is an amazing Kindergarten teacher. She has given our son an amazing start at school and in learning French. I am in awe at how much he has learnt in less than half a year in school!

Candice Brown, Dr. S.E. McDowell Elementary School, WQSB

Ms. Brown has encouraged my 10 year old son to read, write, and try his best at everything he does. She understands his needs, and has figured out the best way to make him love going to school every day. We’ve had struggles over the years but this year he wants to write a book, has improved his marks in math, and wants to impress Ms. Brown with what he knows. He’s asked if she can move on to the next grade with him. For a child who doesn’t like school, that’s a huge honour.

Kerry Cule, LEARN

Kerry is fabulous. She is a calm and caring person and this is how she is every day with her students and most of all with her colleagues. We can always count on Kerry to offer solutions and advice on how to solve problems that may come up. We love you Kerry. We appreciate all you do! Thank you!

It’s not too late to share your words of appreciation for a desrving educator.  Feel free to add a shout-out in the comments below.  Our third and final blog post for Teacher Appreciation 2015 will be posted tomorrow.