The other day a colleague of mine joked, “Do you remember the day that learning stopped?” I was slightly caught off guard with this gut wrenching statement, replying, “What do you mean, the day that learning stopped?” In which she casually retorted, “Ya know, March 13th, the day when the schools closed and students were told by the ministry of education they are on vacation for two weeks.” Oh that day!!! The day COVID-19 closed all the schools and sent students home with only the clothes on their backs, and a dream that one day they would be back. Well, two weeks turned into 6 weeks, before they decided to shutdown all high schools, CEGEPs and Universities across the province in an effort to curtail the pandemic that had afflicted us so dramatically. Eventually a few elementary schools reopened with draconian rules to protect students, but for the most part our students were being phased into a “Learn at Home” model, whereby students would learn at home, online.

As educators around the world transition to online learning, we at LEARN have decided to listen to the amazing stories from educators from our community, and how they are adapting to this new digital reality. Fellow teacher, Jennifer Oner of English Montreal School Board, teaches grade 1 at Westmount Park Elementary. She has been online with her students daily for the past few weeks. She took a bit of time out of her busy schedule to share her transition story. Have a listen….

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