I throughly enjoyed talking with one of my great educational mentors; author, educator, maker, programmer, musician Gary Stager. I have been following Gary for well over two decades, so it is such a treat to talk with him again and have the ability to ask him anything. We chatted about tennis, music, integration of technology, his early memories of programming logo to name only a few. Plus all the amazing educators he brings to his summer conference Constructing Modern Knowledge, webinars he’s hosted, and the abundance of workshops he has brought to the world. Gary speaks his mind, never afraid of stepping on toes to get his ultimate point across, learning is everything. His passion for students success, however that might look to each learner, is his joie de vivre, you’ll hear it in almost all we talked about. A wonderfully passionate conversation with a powerhouse in education!

If you are looking for some life changing professional development over the summer and a wail of a good time go to CMK 2023. It will inspire change in your practice regardless of the age or subject you teach.

CMK 2023 https://constructingmodernknowledge.com

Gary’s publishing house https://cmkpress.com

Gary’s Blog https://stager.tv