ALDI Update-June 2021

As the 2020-2021 school year quickly comes to a close, take the time to rest and relax during a well-deserved summer break.

ALDI Spring 2021 Initiatives:

Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

Following the ACES initative, teachers from across the province were invited to two follow-up workshops on UDL. On April 6th and May 6th, ALDI and RSB (Valerie Dubuc, Consultant) collaborated to offer support to teachers on how to optimize learning through implementing elements of the UDL framework.

If your school or school board would like training on UDL, click here to add your name to a distribution list to stay informed on upcoming UDL initiatives.

Inclusion-Shelley Moore

On June 3rd, 2021 over 180 participants from across the province attended the Shelley Moore Workshop on Inclusion. Through storytelling, participants gained insight and practical strategies to take back to their school or school board. Shelley Moore provided many opportunities to reflect on our current inclusive practices. My greatest takeaway was that you cannot work on inclusion practices alone. We need to come together to support one another during this complex change in practice. We also need to trust and have hope that others will get “on the bus” and join us to better serve all of our students.

Summer 2021. Register Now!

Co-teaching model

As a remedial teacher, I experimented with many resource models. Co-teaching was my favourite method of supporting students because it is inclusive and effective. I have created an info-graphic of my experience to support remedial teacher and supporting teachers through their desire to learn more. Based on the info-graphic, a workshop will be offered on Zoom for Remedial Teachers, Supporting Teachers and their classroom teaching partners. Join me on August 23rd from 9:30-11am. For further information and to register click here. Facilitator: Heather Scott, ALDI Coordinator

*This session will also be repeated at the QPAT Teacher’s Convention. Details to come.

The Co-Teaching Resource Model infographic can be found on the ALDI website in the Inclusion section. Once on the Inclusion page, scroll down to the heading Inclusive Co-Teaching Model. Click here to access the document.


Remedial and Supporting Teacher Network for NFSB Teachers:

If you are a Remedial or Supporting Teacher and would appreciate the time to learn about specific topics pertaining to resource and have an opportunity to network with colleagues from across the school board, these networking sessions are for you! Fill in the Microsoft Form to ensure that the dates and meeting topics are delivered directly to your inbox.  Please note that our first session is on August 30th. This will be the first of 6 networking sessions over the 2021-2022 school year. Click here to provide us with feedback on topics and leave your contact information for updates. Facilitators: Heather Scott and Diane Donnelly.


ALDI 2021-2022 Initiatives:

Secondary LiteracyPupil In Class Using Digital Tablet

Secondary ELA Teachers and Supporting Teachers from all school boards are welcome to attend a half-day Zoom session on Reading Response. This initial workshop will be a series of four workshops on adolescent literacy to be held over the course of the 2021-2022 school year. To register for the October 15th workshop, or to receive information about upcoming workshops, use the following link.
Facilitators: Heather Scott and Dan Hedges

Literacy Networking: A collaboration with LEARN

This is an opportunity for Quebec (English & French) educators to network, troubleshoot, innovate, plan and explore ideas related to literacy. This is an open invitation to anyone who works in the area of literacy (teachers, consultants, etc.). These Zoom sessions will vary in format depending on the needs identified by the group. Please fill in the survey to demonstrate your interest, help us select dates and topics. Click here to access the survey. Facilitators: Heather Scott and Monic Farrell.

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