The Bloomer Report is now on Pinterest!

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As you may know, Pinterest is one of the fastest growing visual discovery tools on the web today. By simply registering, users have access to thousands of beautiful photos to inspire recipes, home decoration, fitness or beauty. All it takes is a click on a photo, and you are brought to the original website where the photo was posted. From there, you can find more information about the project or idea seen in the photo. It’s a useful way to organize items you find on the web, brainstorm ideas, and plan for events.

There is even a section on Pinterest for education-related posts. From literacy activities to craft ideas, hundreds of teachers are sharing their projects and photos on Pinterest every day. We thought, what better way to compile some of our favourite posts and resources than on a CBSL Pinterest account!

On the account, we will post not only the great stories coming from CLC Quebec, but also resources and project ideas from other teachers. If you see a post on Pinterest and would like us to add it to a board, or even write about on the blog, please send it along! And don’t forget to give us a follow if you are signed up.

You can check out our account HERE.