By Clever Cupcakes

By Clever Cupcakes

It’s the season for Teacher and School Staff Appreciation!

To celebrate and say thank you, this week on the LEARN blog we are thrilled to highlight not just one, but many amazing educators in our Quebec schools.  We received so many shout-outs for teachers and school staff, in fact, that we will be posting these tributes over the next three days.

All of the following words of appreciation were written by administrators, colleagues, parents, and students.  Enjoy!

Adaku Arhin, Hillcrest Academy, SWLSB

Mrs. Arhin is dedicated professional who continuously looks for new approaches to engage all learners. She believes in student-centered learning and she provides her students with a strong foundation for lifelong learning. Her students appreciate her efforts in creating a non-threatening learning environment. My son loves going to school and he enthusiastically recounts class lessons and activities.

Debra Shea, St. Patrick’s High School, CQSB

This teacher is always looking for new ways to help her students succeed. She is available mornings, noon hours and after schools in order to fit their schedules when kids need extra help. She is always willing to go that extra mile so they will find success!


Debra is an awesome teacher. Debra’s strength is motivating students who have difficulties in day to day school related issues. She is available and she provides many strategies for her students to make their school experience a positive one. Congratulations, Debra. St. Pat’s needs you!

Christiane Karamanoukian, Franklin Hill Elementary, SWLSB

Christiane has been teaching Kindergarten for many years. It is in her skin, part of who she is. Her enthusiasm and positive outlook are contagious. It is definitely difficult to try to keep pace with her, but a challenge we would all love to meet. She is child-centered, resourceful, devoted, and knowledgeable. She believes in the magic that should be created for the little ones entering school, and she works on building their life-long skills of autonomy and curiosity. Play-based and age-appropriate learning are values that Christiane integrates into her daily teaching. All facets of learning have their place in her class: literacy, phonological awareness, art, math, science, movement, and more.
All learners have a chance to succeed in such a rich and varied environment. The fact that Christiane sees each child for what he/she can offer and how to make them shine is definitely a gift. Little learners are very lucky to have Ms. Christiane as a teacher!

Annabel Busby, MacLean Memorial High School, CQSB

Annabel is always in search of ways to engage her students and open the world for them

Miss Rachel Doré, Shawinigan High School, CQSB

Miss Doré has all the right values and positive attitudes towards learning !!!! She is a passionate professor, spends quality “one on one” time with each child of her classroom, and always tries to get the best out of every child. She is very gentle, patient, and confident. She teaches the kids awesome learning tricks which make learning so fun, and much easier too!!!! She is the perfect role model for my five year old child.


I can’t ever teach anything to my little girl but Miss Doré has taught her a lot of things and she gives to my daughter the taste to learn.  She always has a beautiful smile.   She was absolutely marvelous!

Miss Melissa Tomasino, Terry Fox Elementary School, SWLSB

She teaches the kids in a fun way and is always there for them and the parents.

Jessica Laflamme, St. Patrick’s High School, CQSB

As an educational technician, Mrs. Laflamme needs to be versed in many subjects at many different levels. She works one-on-one or in small groups with children that don’t often see success. She helps to give them self pride and accomplishment in their various studies, knowing that children who feel proud of work will want and desire to achieve more.

Gracy Ratt Jerome, Algonquins of Barrier Lake, Kitiganik School

Gracy is a fluent Algonquin language speaker and has been teaching the language for many years. She also adds to the language program by promoting cultural educational activities such as skinning animals, stretching and drying the fur, cooking traditional foods, and bringing in different animals and birds to see and plants to touch. She teaches the language in a meaningful way.

Melanie Prégent, St. Willibrord School, NFSB

This teacher goes out of her way in and out of school for her students. She cares for each of them as if they were her own. She organizes activities and fundraisers so the children can participate in trips and for them on her own time. She had an injury on her leg this year and the students were heartbroken. She was out for 2 months and the spirit of the school was not the same without her. She deserves this.


Great organizer knows just how to get the children involved, strict but fair, the children love her. She is a true leader


There are many teachers at our school that are deserving but this one stands out the most to me. She is a young, dynamic teacher who connects very well with the students. She is caring & understands the fears of parents. Any issues are dealt with immediately and if it is not with her, she will direct you to the right person and follow up until the issue is resolved. So happy that my daughter was lucky enough to have her 3 years in a row.

Miss Maria Giannuzzo, Boucherville Elementary School, RSB

Elle est passionnée par son travail. Elle s’attarde à comprendre les enfants et ce qu’ils vivent pour s’adapter à eux. Elle donne le goût aux enfants d’apprendre. En tant que parents, je ne peux pas demander mieux pour donner le goût à mes enfants d’aimer l’éducation

Miss Michelle Reed, La Tuque High School, CQSB

Ms. Reed loves our school. She puts in so much extra time to make sure the school is a good place for our students. She is on every committee that counts. She has great ideas to help improve the school climate. She is enthusiastic about student success and digs deep to help everyone who asks for a hand. More than that, though, she will often volunteer to lend a hand when she sees a need. For several years, Ms. Reed has been coming in on Saturdays to work with students on enrichment science activities offered through our Home and School. It is clear that she does everything because she genuinely cares about our students and wants to make our school the best.

James Kennedy, Chateauguay Valley Regional, NFSB

This teacher goes above and beyond to facilitate learning for his own students as well as students he does not teach. He has offered countless hours after school for tutoring and remedial classes all while maintaining his coaching practices and games. This teacher exemplifies what the education system requires: a teacher that not only cares but also shows he cares.

Carroll Kerner, Hillcrest Academy, SWLSB

Mrs. Kerner has been teaching Kindergarten for over 25 years. She taught both my children. She is a dedicated professional who continuously looks for new approaches to engage all learners. She believes in student centered learning and she provides her students with a strong foundation to lifelong learning.

Justine Hughes and Carolyn Seers, Boucherville Elementary School, RSB

By giving every child the opportunity to grow and be successful, Miss Hugues confidence and knows how to motivate her class by considering the personality, strengths and weaknesses of every individual. She uses all sorts of strategies to make sure that the children progress and are motivated to go to school. For that, both kids and parents appreciate her very much! Let’s not forget Mrs. Seers for all her contribution to the grade 2-3 class!

Leah Wynn, Shawinigan High School, CQSB

Infinite patience and dedication to her students.

Susan Chiasson, Terry Fox Elementary School, SWLSB

She is caring, patient, understanding but has fun with the kids at the same time! It takes a special person to be a kindergarten teacher and she is one of them for sure!

She also involves parents and posts pictures every month, so amazing when you are anxious about your child’s first year of school. She is simply wonderful!


Miss Susan! Where do I start? A kindergarten teacher with such patience and inspiration, not only does she make our children feel at ease but the parents as well. The first year of school is such a learning curve and her warm voice and teaching skills are so soothing. She keeps in constant contact weekly via email explaining the weekly schedule and what the class has been doing in addition with a Dropbox with photos and videos, love seeing the children’s activities live and so does my son! Thank you so much for instilling the power of learning in my children and molding them into what they are today!

Stay tuned for more lovely tributes tomorrow!  Please feel free to add your own notes of appreciation in the comments.