We’ve all heard the advice that if we find a job that we love, we’ll never really work a day in our lives. The Québec educators highlighted in this first of three blog posts in the fourth annual Teacher and School Staff Appreciation shout-outs clearly show their love for their students and for their chosen profession. Valentine’s Day must be coming because love is certainly in the air!

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Nathalie Swanson, Dr. S.E. McDowell School, WQSB

Mme. Nathalie is not only an excellent language teacher, but she is kind, organized and extremely dedicated. My son loves her and is always excited to get up in the morning to start his school day 🙂  She has been a huge asset to our family, as our son sometimes struggles with his learning, and needs a teacher who is both knowledgeable and patient. Thank you Mme. Nathalie for the quiet way in which you make an enormous difference in the life of our school and community!

Linda Fitzpatrick,  Forest Hill Elementary (Junior), LBPSB

C’est une professeure merveilleuse car elle aime ce qu’elle fait et ça paraît. Elle aime les enfants et imagine toutes sortes d’activités pour faciliter leurs apprentissages. Elle sait susciter leur intérêt et les garder motiver. Notre fils adore aller à l’école, et quand il revient le soir il nous raconte sa journée et il en parle avec des étoiles dans les yeux.

Sonia Arnoldo, Gerald McShane Elementary School, EMSB

Extremely caring and patient, understanding, respectful towards both students and parents, clear and concise with homework outline for parents to follow, techniques used for English and math easy to follow and easy to implement by students. Great amazing teacher full of love for her students!

Denyse Griffiths, Gault Institute, NFSB

Mme. Griffiths teaches French in an English immersion school. She has one hour a day with each class, and she always makes the most of it! She loves hands on learning, adaptive learning spaces, and community engagement. She continuously tries new projects both in the class and outside, bringing people together. French class always brightens up the student`s day thanks to this energetic teacher!

Mona Nesbitt, Hull Adult Education Centre, WQSB

Mona has been creating flexible learning environments since way before they became all the rage! You can see the love she has for teaching and for her students by simply walking into her classroom – she designs it specifically for student success. She is an inspiration and her students are lucky to have her!

Linda Cotter, St. Lawrence School, RSB

Linda Cotter is the most dedicated teacher I know. She travels very far every day to teach. She loves her students. My eldest child was her student when he was in grade 1 (he is now in Secondary II). I believe she is the reason my son loves to read. Our family loves Mrs. Cotter. She will always be THAT teacher – the one we will remember forever.

Lia Maggiorino, Laval Junior Academy, SWLSB

She is amazing because she always does what is best for her students. She is always in a good mood and puts a smile on everyone’s face. I always look forward to going to her class because she makes learning fun. Thank you for everything you do!

Gabriella Di Placido, Rosemere High School, SWLSB

Mrs. Di Placido is my niece’s teacher and she has bloomed since day one. She looks forward to going to school every morning and her grades have improved amazingly!!! Mrs. Di Placido is an Angel on earth!! Thank you!!!

Jennifer Hayden, St. Edmund’s Elementary School, LBPSB

Our music teacher, Miss Jennifer, is truly the heart of our school. She has instilled a passion for music into each and every student. Her enthusiasm is absolutely unstoppable. Whether she is teaching the grade three’s how to play the recorder or rehearsing for an upcoming music show with the grade one’s or leading the grade six band, every student is fueled by the excitement and passion she brings. Her reach goes well beyond the music room.

In the past couple of years, she has initiated a new fundraising event for the school (an outdoor concert!), connected students and parents together through a common love of the Tragically Hip and educated students about residential schools while leading our school in a project to pack shoebox gifts for Indigenous youth. Our gratitude for Miss Jennifer cannot easily be expressed. We are so thankful to have her at St. Edmund!

Jennifer Butler, Twin Oaks Elementary School, SWLSB

Dedicated, hard working. Loves her kids.

Marilyn Cormier, McCaig Elementary School, SWLSB

Madame Marilyn est une enseignante au grand coeur qui sait comment approcher un enfant en difficulté et l’aider à prendre la bonne voix. Une enseignante que tous les enfants aimeraient avoir. Un des enseignants qui apporte tellement à cette école.

Isaac Dumont, St. Lawrence School, RSB

Isaac makes music class fun for the children, teaching drumming, flute, etc. to his students with modern day music. The children love knowing that their music teacher is a well-known drummer across Canada. We are lucky to have such a talented and inspiring music teacher.

Can you feel the love? Add your own words of love for the educators highlighted above, or add a shout-out to someone new in the comments below.