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The Students Have Spoken: Online Classes vs. Face to Face

Submitted by and on November 6, 2015 – 9:22 am | 3,744 views


studen voice logoThe student’s voice tends to be the voice not heard enough in the classrooms of the world. We at LEARN decided it might be time that students were given a platform to let their voices resound. What better place to start than with the students attending our online classes!

A bit of background: we currently have students from six English school boards across the province, taking online math and science classes with LEARN. Approximately half of them are in Secondary 4 and the other half are in Secondary 5. Some of them are taking a single course and some of them are taking two or three courses. Over 60% of our students are taking their first online class with LEARN this year. The question on everyone’s mind when they hear about our online classes: “Yes, but how does it compare to traditional face to face situations?” We thought it would be interesting to let the students tell us about the differences between classes in a virtual setting and classes where they are face-to-face with their peers and teachers.

We asked our Secondary 5 students to answer two questions about online learning:

1. What are the greatest differences between online learning and F2F learning?

2. What is one thing about online learning that has surprised you?

Thanks, LEARN Secondary 5 students, for giving us an insight into how you view the differences between online and F2F learning! Stay tuned for a follow-up blog post early in 2016, where the Secondary 4 students get their opportunity to be heard.

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