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For those people who may think that learning and fun cannot co-exist, or who are still of the belief that teachers shouldn’t smile until December, you haven’t worked with the teachers we highlight below in our third, and final, post in the 2016 Teacher and School Staff Appreciation blog series.  (Read part one here, and part two here.)

I know that reading these shout-outs made me smile, and even laugh out loud… Happy Teacher Appreciation, Quebec educators!  Keep smiling; it’s motivating your students!


Julie Lowry, Ste-Foy Elementary School, CQSB

My son has had Miss Lowry as a teacher for 2 years now and he absolutely adores her.  My oldest son who is now in high school agrees that Miss Lowry is the best! Miss Lowry takes the time to know her students. She is calm, patient and understanding. She makes learning fun and she knows how to motivate her students. My son wishes that she could teach all grades!!

Tammy Noble, Ste. Agathe Academy, SWLSB

She is great since we always have fun in her class, whether it’s during class and we’re learning or during break or lunch and we’re talking about tons of cool stuff. She is also very supportive as a teacher. Whenever I need help, I can always go to her to talk. Especially in this stressful time of year, I have seen Ms. Noble making lists and having waiting lines of kids to help with almost anything. She is simply supportive and a great person.

Chef Chris Allen, Pearson School of Culinary Arts, LBPSB

He teaches with so much passion and dedication; he makes learning fun and leaves students wanting more. He encourages and gives his students confidence in their abilities.

Andrew Bardell, Rosemère High School, SWLSB

He lets us work while listening to music which helps some people, including me. He also makes work easier.

Jennifer Seely, Pontiac High School, WQSB

She makes the STA306 course so much fun to take part in. She captivates the class, and makes it such a positive environment to be in. She makes learning all of the cell parts, the digestive system, etc. so enjoyable!

Alexander de Sua, Rosemère High School, SWLSB

He makes us laugh and he makes jokes. Makes us watch a movie.

Evan McCurdy, Beaconsfield High School, LBPSB

Always participates with students and has a great sense of humour.

Laura MacTavish, Arundel Elementary School, SWLSB

  • The driving force behind healthy kids at Arundel,
  • Always thinking of ways to improve children’s physical health and fitness
  • Making learning fun and meaningful – one of the reasons small schools are so important.


Tara Grant, Ste. Agathe Academy, SWLSB

Mrs. Grant is the best because she makes our classes fun and interesting and is always there to help whenever we need it.

Karine Turcotte, Ste-Foy Elementary, CQSB

She does these weird impressions of stuff pretty much all day. In drama, she does weird squirrel face. When we are not sitting down, she does weird chicken / butt dance. She makes me laugh.

Jason Lyons, Souvenir Elementary, SWLSB

Mr. Jason is a really awesome Phys. Ed. teacher and a really nice person. He really cares about his students and goes out of his way to help them. His gym classes are fun and original; his students get a chance to do fun exercises and activities that are different from team sports. He motivates his students to do the best that they can. He teaches them motivation and confidence as well. He really cares about his students and is always ready to help them become a better version of themselves! He is also a funny guy and teaches the kids to have fun, and that gym can be challenging in a really fun way! School isn’t just about academics, Phys. Ed. is a very important part of our kids’ lives and Mr. Jason is the perfect guy to teach fitness and health to our kids! I hope my 3 boys will be as motivated as he is!

Céline Maisonneuve, Dr. S. E. McDowell Elementary School, WQSB

Mme. Céline is a natural kindergarten teacher who creates a fun learning environment through music, art, and play. She is very attentive to each child and his or her feelings, likes and dislikes. She spends countless hours in her classroom and is always putting her students first. I am so fortunate that my daughter got to experience her as a teacher as I did myself when I was a student in McDowell

Marie-Gabrielle Cannon, Ste-Foy Elementary, CQSB

She is funny. We usually play fun games with her. She also makes me feel like I am funny too. I like that.

Lisa Wood, Arundel Elementary School, SWLSB

  • Always looking at programs to improve students’ learning.
  • Takes the time to get to know every child she works with, and finds ways to make learning fun for each child by using their interests in her teaching.
  • Has no problem giving up a lunch hour to help a child.
  • Works on extracurricular activities with the students; running club; arts and crafts.
  • Will fill in anywhere needed!


Erin Oliver, Twin Oaks Elementary, SWLSB

T-technologically savvy–Ms. Oliver uses and exposes her students to a variety of technology in authentic ways, not only keeping my grade 4 son motivated, but allowing him to learn and express in ways that are simply intuitive to a 21st Century learner.

E-enthusiastic–Ms. Oliver is consistently happy and radiates wanting to teach and wanting the students to learn–my son senses her excitement and jumps on board with her.

A-attentive—Ms. Oliver attends to each individual while somehow keeping track of the entire group. The class updates, photos and occasional personal notes in Dojo keep me informed as a mom and allow us to ‘double-check’ on assignments when needed. So appreciated, gone are the ‘he said’ ‘she said’ moments!

C-caring–Ms. Oliver radiates her care and concern for the students. Her kind words and calm approach create a caring learning environment for my son and all the students, I’m sure.

H-“Hilarious”—Ms. Oliver’s sense of humour comes home to me often through my son’s eyes, the levity in the classroom certainly makes for a motivated grade four boy to go to school in the morning.

E-Elevated—Ms. Oliver is by far an excellent teacher and her deep knowledge of pedagogy is evident in the consistent, clear assignments and homework expected of the students–no superfluous fillers–much appreciated!

R-Right—Ms. Oliver is the right kind of teacher for every learner, including my son. When the right fit happens with the teacher your children get in school, as a parent, your child has a great year at school and as a result, a happier home on school mornings and evenings. Ms. Oliver, you are the right fit for us!

For these reasons and many more, we would like to nominate Ms. Oliver as an Awesome Teacher!

If you missed out on nominations, but want to highlight an entertaining educator who makes learning fun, please add a comment below.